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Hi Folks, 


I have few doubts about how the bounce rate is calculated. 



1) If a user spends 5 - 7 minutes scrolling the landing page (from where the user landed on the website) will it be considered a 100% Bounce rate?


2) If the user plays an embedded video by clicking the play button and leaves without doing anything else will it be 100% Bounce rate ? 

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Hi @fdgeorger,


The short answer is yes. We calculate the bounce rate as a percentage of sessions that began on a certain page and where that particular page was the only page viewed during the session. How much time someone spends on the page is not relevant. 


This does mean that it is possible someone can spend 20 minute thoughtfully consuming the content on a page before clicking away from the page, and this would be considered a page bounce. 


If you would like to reduce your bounce rate, then I would recommend making your homepage more of a space for links to other content, rather than having all of the content "up front". 


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The HubSpot method of calculation for a bounce isn't dissimilar to the Google method of calculation for a bounce.

- see image

mfjlabs-screenshot-Bounce-rate-Google-Analytics-Help.pngBounce Rate Defined by Google

Many cross-platform digital marketers also think in terms of Google Analytics (GA) event tracking and how setting up event tracking in GA affects your bounce rate.

If you're using HubSpot Enterprise, you'll find much greater value analyzing HubSpot-tracked pages using HubSpot Custom Events than you will by simply relying on bounce rate. HubSpot Custom Events are how we track those video clicks on those ('7-minute') page views that result in 'bounces' we know really included more engagement.

- see Create custom events

- see Create clicked element events

- see Events | Frequently Asked Questions

Finally, bounce rate in isolation isn't a meaningful web analytics measurement.