Best practice for seeing which external pages a lead saw

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We have a bunch of pages and blog posts on our site hosted externally (not Hubspot blog posts). We want to know how many leads were submitted after seeing each blog post? For example 


/blog-post-1: 1 lead

/blog-post-2: 3 leads


Ideally we want to see these numbers from a first click attribution and linear attribution method. 


(I understand the revenue attribution tool just came out. But we're looking to do this on a lead level, not for only closed deals.)


We also want to know who the leads were. So ideally we could click on teh lead number next to each blog post and see who exactly these leads were. 


Is this possible? If so, how? 

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I have similar requests. Is there a report where we can see how many CTAs has been converted for certain URLs (specifically blog posts). 


Also is there an automated report that marketers can get with those reports on a weekly and monthly basis?