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Hi community!
I want to find the average time my contacts spend between one specific form submission and another specific form submission, I tried to export the information of the Submissions Tab of the forms I wanted to study (wich contains the submission date and contact) but I think that isn´t possible.
¿Do someone know a property, a report or another way to find the average time between forms?

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Hi @A_Chao_M ,

Unforunately there is no such property that ill fectch this data.
Although seems like a good ides to suggest on the idea portal of the community.
Where the HS product team review the ideas and work on them.

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Hi @A_Chao_M,


I don't know of a way to do this in HubSpot. It would require complex workflows, custom reports and still wouldn't get you the exact answer you're looking for.


However, if you're fine with doing this analysis outside of HubSpot, you could export the property history of Recent Conversion Date (the date the contact last submitted a form) for all contacts: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/crm-setup/view-property-history#export-a-property-s-history-across-all...


The export file should look something like this and would allow you to run your calculations in Excel or Google Sheets. Eeach column starting from C corresponds to a form submission.




I could take column C and D here (for all contacts that have a value there) and simply calculate the difference which would give me the metric that you're looking for. You could repeat the process for D and E etc.


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