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Hi Everybody,


I'm trying to create a report and having a bit of trouble. Ideally, I'd like to have a report that shows the number of Form Submissions we generate in the day or so following our email blast,  which goes out twice a month. So we can show this email generated this many conversions.


I was thinking that I'd use the Recent Conversion property but I'd need to relate it to only those who were sent the email. There is an "after this property" option in some places but not others which seems to be causing problems.


So I'm thinking that the best course of action is using my newsletter list as a filter and have the date property set to most recent conversion last month and set it weekly so it would show the effects. But I'd need a way to narrow it down to only people who clicked on the email(s). I know I can specify one email but I'm afraid that'll get messy with more than one or how it would count someone who converted twice since the 2nd would overwrite the 1st in the recent conversion field being used to measure it. 


Any suggestions would be appreciated. Sorry for the long post. 

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Hi @ConnorSlivensky,


I think you could make the filters work to see the number of contacts that were influenced by the email, as you stated.


Another option is to use the campaign analytics tool, provided the email is associated with a campaign. If you only want to see the influence of that one marketing piece, that would be the only thing in the campaign. From here, you can see influenced contacts, new contacts (last and first touch), closed deals, influenced revenue, and sessions.


To access the campaign analytics report go to Reports > Analytics Tools > Campaign Analytics.


I hope this helps!



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Thanks for the reply Josh,


That does get me most of the way there and is a good fallback if all else fails. 


My only concern doing it that way is that a chunk of those conversions will be on the resource-specific landing pages (which are their own campaign to track downloads) so wouldn't be counted. On the other hand, if we DO include them we'll pull in all content downloads blog influenced or not. That's why I was trying to use a page view filter (or open/click)  to only attribute those who actually saw the blog