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I uploaded some PDFs into the Files section of HubSpot and linked to them using the file URL from a HubSpot landing page. I have two questions:

  1. When I view my PDF file in the Files section of Hubspot it says my document is not in use anywhere even though I have linked to it using the File option in the dropdown. Why is it showing as not being in use anywhere and how do I correct this?
  2. I would like to track anayltics on these files but they are PDFs. Everything I've read in HubSpot support says there is not a way to track PDF downloads via HubSpot. Anyone know of a way to do it or a workaround?



Analytics for Files

if you used a CTA on the links you can see the clicks on that?

Perhaps you attached the file as an external link? hence not showing as being @used@@

Personally I try to move away from PDFs and give people the content converted to a page, (which then works on mobiles much better also) and give them the option to download the PDF from that if they really want.

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Analytics for Files

Hi @agmr 

I went digging to find possible reasons for your first question and here's what I found:


"Being used in HubSpot templates and content" refers to files that are selected from modules, like an image in Design manager.

Currently the URL links like those of PDFs, are not picked up by the indexer, so this won't show as being used anywhere.

This is working as designed. That being said, the user interface would probably benefit from a clearer messaging around what "used in content and templates" means, so our Product team was contacted and HubSpot is already working to fix this in a timely matter.


As for your second question, this is still under development but it would be great to get more traction so you can upvote this idea here. As for a workaround, there were some suggestions here.