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Hello fellow Hubspotters,


I'm looking at the paid search part of the analytics tools report. About 90% of our clicks have been bucketed under the campaign 'Auto-tagged PPC'. When you drill down further into the keywords ('terms') 30% of these are labelled under 'Unknown Keywords (SSL)'.


Because most of our campaigns are labelled 'auto-tagged' and most of our terms come through as 'unknown keywords (SSL)' I'm finding it difficult to analyse the data to optimise our campaigns (looking at things like the terms which are generating the largest number of customers / highest customer conversion rate etc).


Does anyone know why this is happening and if there is a fix or workaround to track our adwords paid search data more effectively?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @JohnS63,


Regarding why you are seeing the Auto-Tagged PPC, I wanted to share this resource.


I also wanted to tag in some of our top contributors to see if they have any tips for you. 


@ConnorSlivensky@Ben_M@Bryantworks@robsobers do you have any suggestions for @JohnS63?




Thank you,

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Hey @JohnS63 


Do you by chance have your Ads account connected to HubSpot?   


It seems like a recent change by Google could be the culprit, "If the visit originates from Google's HTTPS address (such as from users logged into their Chrome browser or other Google apps), HubSpot is not provided the keyword and you will see Unknown keywords (SSL) listed in the PPC category."


My hopes is that the Ads module could shed some light on the situation!


To further on what @Bryantworks said - Google made a switch a long time ago to SSL.  The only way to get search data from this is from within their search console which you can use within Google Analytics.