Analytics To Lead Averages: Total Site Visit & First Visit To Contact Averages


I'm looking to create reports for the following two things...


1. See the average site visits for all my contacts. I want to know how many site visits on average it takes before someone becomes a lead.


2. See the average amount of time it takes from first visit to when contact is created. I want to know the average time it takes from when they hit our site to when they become a lead. I'd like to see a trendline for this as well to see if that amount of time is increasing or decreasing.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @AidanP 


Thank you for reaching out. 


I want to tag some of our experts on this - @NicoleSengers @Josh @StefaniUAT do you have any thoughts to share with @AidanP on this? 


Thank you!



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I'm not completely sure for the second report, but for the first one you could create a custom report like this:


Screenshot 2021-01-25 at 20.48.19.png

So for the properties to display in the data tab, select 'average page views' and 'lifecycle stage'. Then, drag 'lifecycle stage' to the display option and in the measured by box, add average page views. This should give you the average number of times that contacts in each of these lifecycle stages visits your site. 


If you only want to view the data for leads, you can also filter at the top, choosing 'lifecycle stage is any of lead'.


Hope this helps!


Thanks for the response @KTownsend but unfortunately that only solves for page views, not site visits. We have a very simple funnel so visitors wouldn't need to visit more than two pages. What I'm looking for is average site visits so I can know how many times I need to touch a potential lead before they opt-in.


The second report is to figure out how long it takes from first seeing our website before signing up as a lead. So we can figure out how long of a first touch to lead cycle we have.