Alter how tracking code reads collected forms? Drupal site

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Hi community. Weird issue here. 


This site is on Drupal and has the HS tracking code installed. The login form is being tracked as a collected form. The top field is asking for "Email or Username" and most people enter an email address. Since the top field name is "name," whenever a user logs in HS replaced their first name with their email address!


It would cause significant hardship (reworking of Drupal login form logic) to alter the name of the field. 


Can the HubSpot tracking code be altered or taught to read that information as the Email address instead of name?


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Hello @Hollyce 


Happy New year!!! Since collected forms receive the information that is being passed externally, it will not be possible to change if the contact inserted their email address in another property.


As a workaround, if you work with or is a developer you can send this data correctly to HubSpot via API ( More information here


I hope this helps.


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