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Advice Needed: Multi Attribution for All Marketing Activities, Including Offline Sources

I am a lifelong user who switched to HubSpot a few months ago because that's what my new company had set up. 


HubSpot is an excellent digital marketing tool, but I'm having trouble with multi-attribution for anything that's not a digital connection to HubSpot. I'm in the B2B space and we have a number of "offline" lead sources like tradeshows and business development reps who cold call to set appointments for sales. For any former users, the feature I miss is campaigns. While HubSpot has a campaigns feature, they have to be tied to a digital event whereas in Salesforce, we could easly tie contacts to any campaign and Salesforce would also timestamp the interaction. 


We've created some custom fields to capture when someone becomes a marketing qualified lead based on one of these offline interactions, but we're limited to capturing just one interaction. I would like to be able to open up a Contact record and see all of their various marketing interactions by date and time (i.e. filled out a website form on XX date and time, visited us at a tradeshow on XX date and time, set a meeting through a BDR at XX date and time) and then of course aggregate all that data through reporting. We have experimented with lots of different options and even engaged a HubSpot technical consultant with no luck.


Any advice out there? Thanks in advance! 


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Administrador de la comunidad
Administrador de la comunidad

Advice Needed: Multi Attribution for All Marketing Activities, Including Offline Sources

Hi @ABaty, hope you are doing well!


Thank you for the additional information -- that's very helpful! 


I would like to add our subject matter experts to this conversation to see if they have any insight.

Hi @jfreeman@Bryantworks, @ChrisoKlepke  - Do you have any advice for @ABaty ?

Thank you!




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