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Ad Management Questions

hi i have a few ask for start  to first  project on hubspot:

1. Can I start lead generation campaigns with the starter plan?

2. Can I integrate ads google campaigns and synchronize leads generated from a form with the starter plan?

3. Can I manage multiple billing accounts with different social reasons for each company


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Key Advisor | Elite Partner
Key Advisor | Elite Partner

Ad Management Questions

Hey @scucchiara , 


Completely understand, it can be quite overwhelming at first with all the different products.


1. Of course, you can. There are limits however to something like follow-up automation. But even this is possible to an extent.

2. Yes, you can integrate up to two ad accounts And you can also sync form answers to your HubSpot portal.

3. Can you give more context on that, please? I can't make out what you mean by different social reasons. 


With that, all in mind, be aware of other limits. Take a look at that page here to get a full overview.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Ad Management Questions

Hi @scucchiara,


Thank you for reaching out! Welcome to HubSpot and the Community 🙂


I wanted to share a few resources on ad management to help you get started:


I would recommend taking the Getting Started with HubSpot Ads Academy Course to see how to set up an ads account in HubSpot.


I also wanted to share a few resources from our Knowledge Base:

This Getting Started Section of our knowledge base also has additional articles on Ads


Let us know if you have any questions after taking a look at them! The Community is happy to help 🙂 


Thank you!




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