Activity Feed and Prospects not showing activity for specific contact?

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I was on the phone with a contact and discussing our solution. He had already done some desk based research on our web site and gone to the contact us page. I suggested they access a specific page as well which he did. I can find no record at all of any of this activity on either the Activity Feed or the Prospects area - even when looking at all the ISPs activity as well on prospects. Any ideas why I do not see this specific users activity at all? Chris

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Hi @CapChris,


The best way to troubleshoot this matter will be to look at the specific contact. If you have access to HubSpot technical support, I would recommend partnering with them regarding this matter. 


Generally speaking, you would want to confirm that the browser the user was working in was the same browser they submitted the form in. Additionally, if they have cleared their cache and cookies since they submitted the form, that could interfere as well.


Thank you,

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