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Who am I?

Hey great human beings! How is your heart feeling today? 


Have you ever asked yourself the question "Who am I? 


A simple question, yet so complex, that leads us to question not only our lives, but our very existence. When we really decide to embark on the journey of self-knowledge, we must start with this question and always use it as a compass or guide to avoid deviating from our path. As we dive into it, we begin to experience some sort of internal and external conflict, as we realize that we have no clue about who we really are. Normally we tend to answer: I am my name and surname, I am my nationality, I am my culture, I am my studies, I am my professional career and my titles, I am my possessions, I am my family and my circle of friends; in short, we are associating our true nature with the DOING and the HAVING, but what about the BEING? If today our identity is based on these two verbs, then what happens to it if we divest ourselves of our possessions, our studies, our job and profession... Holy cow! this just got interesting. 


The first time I was asked this question was in a test to join a student group in college, and a friend of mine previously told me the answer they were looking for: "I am I", that's what I answered, and indeed I passed the test. But beyond that, that little golden seed was sown inside me, and from here began the adventure towards my greatest discovery: my essence. Since then I have been questioning my beliefs, culture, traditions, past, habits, physiology, politics, science, in brief: everything that has been shaping my personality until now, that integrates the content of my context. Detaching myself from everything I believed to be an absolute truth is uncomfortable, complex and challenging, as it implies accepting that I had been wearing a blindfold for many years. Nonetheless, after crossing that darkness, life takes me by the hand, pulls me out of that hole and tells me: Welcome to your new reality! Who do you decide to become today? my answer: I decide to be the Source, that is, the undisputed author of what happens in my life, around me and in the world where I live.


Since I assimilated and understood that I came to this world to simply BE (live to serve from my essence, our essence: the pure, infinite and unconditional LOVE that everyone keeps in their heart), my whole life changed. As Marcel Proust once said, "Nothing has changed, only I have changed; therefore, everything has changed." The external is nothing more than a reflection of the internal, if we fervently decide to change ourselves from the inside, the outside will be nothing but a beautiful work of art projected through the window of our soul: our eyes. 


Without going any further, with this I do not pretend to generate any controversy, I just wanted to share with you a little piece of my truth, something that I have been experiencing in recent years - which has brought me great results; and that I have been gradually incorporating into my job through a new methodology called "Job Crafting". What is Job Crafting? in essence, it is redesigning your job role or position by redesigning yourself first. I am currently working on a high impact project, which aims to implement it at @hubspot and many other organizations, so that all those who resonate with it and feel that it can bring value to their lives, can take advantage of this great tool. 


If you want to learn more about this, please don´t hesitate to reach out. I am always here to help.

Thanks for taking the time to read me!


I embrace you from heart to heart




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Who am I?

Thanks for sharing your story with us, @jnaranjobotero

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