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Thoughts on Working at Bogospot, HubSpot's Office in Bogotá, Colombia

To return to the place where my path towards the awakening of my consciousness began is something wonderful. Bogota, a place that has many faces and disguises, but in them hid a great master, who showed me the path to my maturity, and without realizing it, invited me to take the bullet train to my self-knowledge. How grateful I am to have been able to return with a new outlook where I can now glimpse all my personal growth over the course of two years. Here, where I was just discovering who I really am; with opaque strength, but with will, I always strived to sow my seed of humanity, for example, when I arrived at the office in the morning and greeted everyone with a "good morning". On many occasions I felt defeated, but something deep inside me always urged me to continue, even if I felt invalidated, rejected, or alone (even when in the company of others). At first I had a hard time fitting in (and with this word I am saying it all) although the open culture lent itself to this, I understood that the problem was within me, that I sought to distance myself from myself and mold my essence to try to enter a fictitious circle built upon fears and insecurities.Being the wave my personality, and the sea the essence, I felt so identified with my wave and so distant from the others, comparing myself in such magnitude, that I forgot that all the waves were part of the same ocean.
Two years later, still with doubt and uncertainty, but with soulful conviction, I can assure you that the pieces are fitting together harmoniously, and are forming their own puzzle without any pressure, force or friction, recognizing their shape, knowing that they are authentic and free. 


Today I humbly accept that my mission in this company goes far beyond my daily responsibilities of correcting system data and assisting sales reps. Being present this week at Bogospot's office, I could perceive how the expectation that had remained in me from the moment I joined HubSpot as an intern, vanished in just a few minutes, from my perspective, the concept of family that I had created in my mind, dissolved; but at the same time, a fervent desire of reconstruction and weaving was born inside me. 


It is time to unite again as a family, but this time, the bond that unites us be even deeper and more transparent; so much so, that would allow us to recognize each other from the brightness of our essence, but not from an armor that protects us temporarily and allows us to relate in a certain way; connecting with the only true culture: the HEART culture.


Therefore, I would love to create more and more spaces for interaction, which not only invite us to socialize, eat and drink beer, but to really get to know each other. For example, through role-playing, which leads us to simulate an event or several events, and teaches us more about empathy (by playing a role very different from the one we play on a daily basis), which allows us to learn to overcome the impostor syndrome (undervaluation), bringing confidence and light to our innate talents - which can serve as a great contribution to the community; also, to instruct us on how to work as a team, regardless of the other person's job title and position - working towards a purpose greater than ourselves. In parallel, other spaces can be created for activities such as composing music or dancing from the feeling, painting with watercolors on a canvas whatever we wish and thus be able to connect immediately with our inner child, the main source for our happiness, creativity, kindness, empathy and energy. All this translates into: Personal, professional and business balance. 


Peace and stability of mind, body and emotions will always lead to better results, so ultimately, I would like to add and emphasize implementing recurrent YOGA sessions (online or face-to-face), and teach HubSpotters that more than a physical exercise, it is a powerful tool by which we can learn to control our mind and senses, and as a consequence, guide our life towards wellbeing as a whole.


With lots of love




Juan David Naranjo

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