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Hi Community,


Several of you have asked us how you can share free and helpful content on navigating the current times that you're creating for your audiences with all HubSpot users. This thread is a great place to do it.


Feel free to share your resources on topics like remote work, managing remote teams, homeschooling, best practices for specific industries - really, anything relevant to the changing world we're living in.


Thank you for being such a supportive community, as always!



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Hi, Renee from Align here. We work with SMBs and business coaches around the world to help businesses run better. We have tapped into our resources to be able to provide new content daily which is all available on a mini-site for COVID-19 Resources a few examples are: 

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Awesome idea for a thread and hope everyone is staying healthy and sane!


We reached out to several business owners, managers, and talent leaders to get their thoughts on how to build culture, rapport, and provide support while onboarding new employees in a remote work environment. 




This is GOLD!


Hi Community Members,


Passage Technology has been a 100% remote company since our inception in 2008, and we’re here to help you in this new way of working with our apps. 


  • Milestones PM+ is a cross-industry, project and process management tool for Salesforce that is customizable and a 100% Salesforce native. It's perfect for keeping remote teams on the same page.
  • Prioritization Helper is also a 100% Salesforce native and supports Classic and Lightning Experience. With Prioritization Helper, teams can easily reach a consensus, or prioritize their objectives in order of importance while understanding how a decision was made.  

To learn more contact


Milestones PM+


Prioritization Helper






Hello Everyone,

I work for Koan, a collaborative way to manage goals and OKRs across organizations. We've been receiving a lot of inquiries on how to keep remote teams aligned and engaged during this time. Here are some links to resources that we have created:


Feel free to email me directly with any questions about this!

Stay safe!


Hey all!

My name is Lynn and I am the Inbound Marketing Manager at CLEVER The Influencer Marketing Agency.


“Virtual” is today’s office address. Even before the global pandemic that sent most of us to home offices, many companies offered virtual work opportunities. CLEVER is one of them.


New to “#WFHlife?” CLEVER has 10 years of experience building a strong, distributed workforce, and we’re sharing our tips to help make your daily routine happier, healthier, and more productive.


CLEVER was founded in 2009 as a virtual business, and we have grown to a team of almost 40 full-time employees across ten states and two countries. We do WFH well. CLEVER has exceptionally high employee tenure, exceptionally low employee turnover, and we are certified as a Best Place to Work. Here is what we know: a strong, consistent, and thoughtful culture is the most important foundation for a team to achieve and thrive in a virtual workplace.


Here’s how we do it.

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Hi it's Ian, the Founder of HubSnacks.

We only get paid when we're delivering the service.


Here's a short and easy read I put together on how we keep a remote team of 28 HubSpot experts delivering through this, and any crisis.


The techniques I share were baked in 3 years ago, and we've not missed a beat yet.

Sorry, but we no longer accept new White label subscriptions but the information I share will be super valuable. 

If you're an agency and need help implementing any of the strategies, hit me up on, and I've got something for you.

Onwards and Upwards,




Hi all,


I am the Marketing Manager for Stratton Craig. 


We're a copywriting agency with over 30 years experience creating content for businesses across a range of sectors. 


Given how important words are right now, and how difficult they can be to write - we've produced a page of resources to help individuals and businesses to find the right words.


These resources range from in-depth articles, checklists and ways to keep yourself motivated when writing copy. 


I hope this helps, and I'm more than happy to answer any questions from the community about how to tell your story during this crisis. 




We're all working from home. But, is it working?


Today and tomorrow I am hosting 2 global thought leader sessions with experts from technology, operations and business who will discuss how to succeed in a remote working environment with SEDNA. (


To my friends in APAC region, join us April 28 at 9am SGT to hear from Rod Steel  at Wallem Group  and Alan Ong  from Clearlake Gunvor Group Ltd .



If you live in EMEA or Americas, join me April 28 at 3pm BST to hear from Tracy Leah  at Sturrock Grindrod Maritime and Ha Eun Ruppelt  from Ardmore Shipping Corporation .


Hey everybody! My name is steffi from smartvillage in Munich. We're a workspace- and coworking center with two locations in Munich and Finland. Even this might not be the most original content at this timing, we're still in the middle of this pandemy, so I guess this kind of content will be relevant for a while.  

In the mid of march our business has completely collapsed. From full capacity to 0% sales. That hurts. We're still working remotely most of the time. Nevertheless, our team spirit is more tangible than ever before. We have developed 4 phases to keep the team spirit high. Also some tips on how to implement these 4 phases in concrete terms! 

The 4 phases:

How to implement them in concrete terms: 

The two documents are included in this blogpost (which is in german, so might be less relevant):

Maybe that's useful for somebody else too? Reach out if questions are coming up! 🙂 
All the best to each of you! 



Greetings All!


Crystal from Simpleview here. We are a software company that supports destinations and their agencies with marketing, CRM, CMS and other digital services.


We have created a microsite focused on status updates to the tourism industry along with different ideas for handling data, website content and working virutally. The formats vary from blog posts to webinars to interviews etc. There's a lot of good info that can be utilized across the board. 


COVID-19 Tourism Industry Resource Page


Even if tourism is not your industry, if you are looking for some local time fillers, I suggest to look up your local destination website. Simply type in 'Visit [your city]' and check out the content coming in - the level of creativity has been absolutely amazing! 


Thank you! Keep safe and happy!



Hi all!


I work for SnapComms, an internal communication software company. We help businesses get employee attention through our software which bypasses email to inform and engage employees.


During this time we have produced a variety of resources to support businesses in communicating effectively with their employees - from leadership communications, health and wellbeing, and remote working.


We have also recently produced a blog to help businesses as they start to consider the process of returning to the workplace as lockdown levels/mandates change.

Thanks for reading - stay safe all!


Hi Eugenia and Hubspot Community,


There were some great tools in Hubspot recent blog on remote work. I can recommend a few more you could add to this extensive list:

  • Toggl: if you're working on multiple projects at once and need to report to a manager or bill a contractor at the end of the project, Toggl will help you track how many minutes/hours you spend on a specific project or task. Great tool to also assess if you're working more in this social distancing period.
  • Pomodoro: there are many Chrome extensions I use to force me to take regular breaks. My favourites are Marinara Pomodoro and MoveIt




Hi all! This is Jenn from Emergenetics International. We're an organizational development firm that helps organizations improve communication, collaboration, productivity and employee engagement by utilizing insights into the way their employees prefer to think and behave. 


We recently put together a few resources that I thought I'd share:

  • COVID-19 Response Page - This page compiles templates and blog posts that offer tips through the lens of Emergenetics to help you use a cognitively diverse approach to address challenges like navigating stress, communicating change, supporting productivity, culture building with remote workforces and managing remote teams.
  • Nine Tips to Strengthen Trust with Remote Teams - Our latest blog post for distributed teams.

Hope this material is helpful!


Hi all,


Jenn from BirdBrain Technologies, here. We are a creative robotics company that makes robots and robot maker kits for K-12 and college classrooms.


With the shift to online learning, we created free resources for educators, parents & students to continue learning coding and robotics from home. These include live, interactive classes, robot building & programming courses, and a set of live streamed robots that can be programmed over the internet for free.


Check out all our "At Home" resources here to keep on learning or try something new!


Hope this is helpful!



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