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Hi Community,


Several of you have asked us how you can share free and helpful content on navigating the current times that you're creating for your audiences with all HubSpot users. This thread is a great place to do it.


Feel free to share your resources on topics like remote work, managing remote teams, homeschooling, best practices for specific industries - really, anything relevant to the changing world we're living in.


Thank you for being such a supportive community, as always!



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Hi all! Justina from Yieldify here. We work primarily with online retail and online travel businesses and decided to take a look at how coronavirus has affected those industries in particular. If you're curious, check them out: 


Coronavirus and Online Retail: 5 Best Practices Marketers Can Use Right Now 

Coronavirus and Online Travel Booking: 3 Facts Travel Marketers Should Know (this is Part II of the travel series; click here for Part I)


We're also throwing a virtual event for eCommerce marketers to discuss the impact of COVID-19 and potential recovery strategies.


Hope this is useful!


Also - if anyone's interested in sharing their data, insights on COVID-19 and retail, we have speaker opportunities at The Tomorrow Summit and future events. You can reach out to me at


Hi All,


I work for Tessian, a cybersecurity company. We stop threats on email and, with everyone working from home, the volume of emails and threats has skyrocketed. 


We produced these PDFs to help people stay secure whilest working remotely. 

Stay secure folks!




Thank you, @Eugenia, for creating space to share these! This is a great idea! ❤️


My name is Sarah Casdorph and I work at Aware. This is a little unique, but during this uncertain time we are offering free qualitative insights and analytics for enterprise collaboration platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Workplace from Facebook and Yammer.


Since everyone is remote, it can be a challenge to understand employee engagement of your newly remote workforce. We also know that for many, employers can be a first stop for support and resources when times get tough. Use our tool, Aware Spotlight, to detect changes in your organization’s psychosocial and cultural health, identify pockets in the organization that may need extra support, and follow topics or concerns that are top-of-mind for employees. Things that you can understand include:


  • What topics are currently ‘hot’ on the organization, department and team level.
  • How employees are feeling (sentiment), this could overall or specific to topics
  • Organizational health—what pockets might be toxic or unhealthy in nature or need additional attention?

Feel free to email me directly with any questions about this!


Stay safe! 





Hey, everyone! 


I work for Electronic Merchant Systems, that specializes in credit card processing and merchant services. We've put together a few resources for small to mid-sized businesses and restaurants as they have been impacted by numerous restrictions based on COVID-19: 


We also put together helpful resources for folks working from home too: 


Thank you for putting this together @EugeniaI hope everyone stays safe out there! 


Hi everyone,


It's Evan from Twinstate Technologies, the leading cybersecurity and IT service provider in New England. We mainly work with small and medium-sized businesses, providing endpoint security, email security, and secure remote connections for team collaboration.

To help support our clients and the business community, we've produced a ton of content over the last few weeks...

And we continue to produce fresh content daily to feed our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram feeds. 

Thanks for reading. Stay safe. 


Hi All,


What a great idea!  I work at Rhythm Systems and we help companies execute their strategic goals with a platform that helps keep people, teams, departments, and leaders aligned.  We have been crafting a large amount of content to help companies navigate the new reality, as we've been empowering dispersed teams for over 13 years.  I will include the most relevant below, including a free educational webinar.  If you'd like to work with us to combine the posts to match your format, we'd love to help the community.


Virtual Meeting Facilitation

Successful Remote Work (Work From Home)

We also have a webinar, A Five-Step Framework to Drive Extreme Change and Alignment

  • What are top CEOs doing to align remote teams and help them navigate through change? Join our Co-founder, Cindy Praeger, as she shares a simple 5-step framework to lead your team through chaotic times. 

Feel free to follow Rhythm Systems on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook get our latest content, or sign up for our blog.


PS Say hello to Dan Tyre for us.  We really enjoyed his keynote at our Breakthrough Conference!


Brianna from Motus here


I wrote a post on how different people from our company are staying connected and making work from home work


Plus some more great ways that sales and marketers are finding their own balance in working from home if you check out It’s also a great way to keep the team engaged and get a pulse on how people are feeling.


Another helpful post here on the legal framework around reimbursing employees for working from home


Looking forward to checking out everyone’s content!

We have offered all of our customers free business support during this difficult and challenging time.

We hope to take a load off their minds by giving back and thanking them for business.

All the best,

Gerry Poe

Hi everyone! I'm Isabella from Belatrix Software. We are a software development company, helping companies achieve success in the digital world. 


We recently published some articles for keeping your digital projects afloat in these times where going digital is so important. 


Advice on moving to a remote Agile development model overnight

What’s the impact of Covid-19 on company culture?

The Ultimate Business Survival Kit for Coronavirus (Published on our parent company Globant)


Hope you find it helpful!


Key Advisor

Hi all,


Mews operates in the hospitality industry, which as you can imagine is struggling a lot in the current climate.


We ran a webinar recently about Coronavirus and hospitality, with industry experts and 1500 attendees.


If you're interested, you can check out the recording and slides here:


Hi HubSpot Community,


S-NET Communications is a remote collaborations and business communications provider, so we have created content on this topic on several occasions. A lot of it is specific to our desktop and mobile apps that connect to a company's business phone system. But probably the most helpful piece in this context would be the advice article below on managing a remote team, by our CEO:


Overcome the Challenges of Managing a Remote Team


I hope you find it helpful.


Stay healthy and safe!



Morning everyone,


I work for IcareLabs, one of the leading wholesale optical labs in the USA, and our latest blog covers optical training that our customer base can do while at home.


These training courses cover a wide range of products and services and certain courses include accreditation within our industry.


Many of the optical shops across the country have been closed as they're deemed non-essential medical services so every small bit we can do to help is just our duty.


I hope all my fellow champion users are well too, stay safe! - Nick


Hey Everyone, if you work with anyone who uses centralized data for their workflow (particularly in Media & Entertainment) here is a post we put together on remote workflow options.


Hey everyone,


I’m Kevin from Silvertrac Software, a guard management & incident reporting solution for the physical security industry.


In the wake of COVID-19, our team has published a few pieces of content to address how the security industry has been impacted & what types of immediate response we have seen.



We have also added a few resources to assist our customers and security teams worldwide in moving to remote management of their operations, like our “Authorization to Work” template for all essential workers. Download Here (Google Doc)


And if you are interested, we recently held a webinar about Healthcare & Hospital Security with renowned healthcare security expert Tony York.


Feel free to follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter for our latest content or subscribe to our blog, the Silvertrac Extra, for weekly updates.


Best & stay safe,




This is Jackie from NEOGOV, and we are creating some great content to help public sector HR during this difficult time:


eBook: 6 Best Practices for Working from Home


COVID-19 Video Courses

Watch the courses now or upload them into your learning management system.

  • COVID-19: A Pandemic Response
  • 8 Tips for Working From Home
  • Practicing Hand Hygiene
  • FMLA: Overview
  • FMLA: Eligible Employees
  • FMLA: Qualifying Reasons


On-Demand Webinar: COVID-19 Public Sector Roundtable

Hear from public sector HR professionals from the following hard-hit regions:

  • King County, WA
  • Los Angeles County, CA
  • Nassau County, NY
  • Santa Clara County, CA
  • Squaxin Island Tribe, WA

Bravely — on-demand professional coaching for the moments that matter most in our lives at work — is sharing a daily tip via email, each one applying a coachable skill that we'll all need to build to thrive in the weeks ahead.


Read the first five tips from the series, and sign up for your own daily email.



Full transparency, learning is what our business is about, and especially at this time, we've pushed a lot of our remote learning options front and center. But I know this isn't a forum to sell in, so I just want to drop some of our free remote learning resources.


I'll leave the links to the ungated Thank You pages for my fellow HubSpot colleagues:

Managing Remote and Virtual Teams

Using Microsoft Teams




Managing Remote Teams in a Changing World

The importance of Upskilling during shifting times

How Business-IT Alignment Helps Organizations Win During Disruption


All these resources live on our new COVID related landing page: Managing Remote Teams


Hi all! I'm Michelle from GaggleAMP. We're an employee advocacy platform that helps boost organic social media reach by providing an outlet for companies to create, distribute, and measure branded social content for your employee amplification efforts. 


Social Distance Your Social Media: Managing Social Media During a Crisis

Your Marketing Stragegy Must Adjust to Pandemics (Blog + Live Discussion)

> On Tuesday April 7th, we'll have a podcast episode with a CMO of an email cybersecurity company speaking about how they took their largest lead-gen event from onsite to digital and what they learned along the way. You'll find that here


We've also ramped up our AMPlify training program to allow for education and training around organic social media reach and implementing programs to support new marketing initiatives and needs. 


Hope this helps!



Hi everybody! 

At Avantica , we have publish a couple of blog posts, with usefull information about how to effectively incorporate the Work-from-home at a 100% of the time in the companies and  how the Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are leading the remote work. 

I want to share them with you!
Augmented and Virtual Reality leading remote work

Five tips for effectively incorporating remote work in your company


Hi Community:


It's Anne from appdome, the industry's first mobile app security company. Our no-code mobile solutions platform adds security, authentication, access, enterprise mobility, mobile threat, analytics and more into any Android and iOS app instantly.


As consumers and remote workers have turned to mobile apps to stay connected, collaborate, purchase, save and more during COVID-19, businesses need to do more to protect the remote worker and mobile consumer. The need for mobile app security has never been more pressing. 


We created two landing pages focused on enabling your remote workforce with secure mobile apps and protecting the mobile consumer in COVID-19


Stay safe.





Hello everyone!


Our primary customer base are IT Pro's who manage incoming service requests so they've seen a huge increase in their volume recently as businesses shift to work-from-home scenarios.  They're seeing lots of requests to have VPN's set up and having to send out loaner laptops, monitors, printers, tablets and other types of devices.


On top of the traditional IT requests, they're also seeing a high volume of HR requests as employees send in questions about company policy shifts, paid sick leave requests, benefits changes, etc so a lot of our customers are now rolling out our solutions to help them keep up with that request volume as well.


As a part of our own COVID-19 response program, we've decided to give our solutions away through August 15th so that organizations can hopefully get their arms around this problem. 


We aren't in a position to develop a vaccine or produce masks and ventilators but this is one small thing we can from our side to help out.  In that respect, we're giving away our solutions for the next 6 months for any organizations that are directly involved in managing the COVID outbreak (i.e. healthcare facilities, public health institutions, manufacturers of medical supplies and devices, etc).


We've got more information on these programs HERE so feel free to take advantage of them or spread the word to your friends, family, and colleagues who may be able to benefit from this.   


If I can be a resource or answer questions on other ways we might help out during the crisis, feel free to reach out to me.


Best of luck to all of you and please stay safe!




Hi everyone,

Thanks for sharing your content! It's great to see what others have created.

Here at eComEngine we have a dedicated COVID-19 resources page with helpful content specifically for Amazon sellers. Supply chain disruptions, delayed shipments, and significant changes in demand have created a tough environment for many sellers, while others are scrambling to keep essential items in stock. 

Things are changing quickly in this space. Some recent content we've created includes an article about the Paycheck Protection Program, an announcement about FBA shipping changes, and expert strategies for making the switch to merchant fulfilling orders. 

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Thanks for giving us a place to share this information! At Pitsco Education our focus is to positively affect learners, and with the distruption in education we want to give teachers and parents resources they can use to help keep their kids engaged at home. So, we put together free resources including activities that can be done with household items, free publications for students to read, inspirational blogs, external resources, and a weekly social media giveaway. We'll continue to add new free resources in the upcoming weeks.


We've also worked at making our newest blogs friendly for home activities,


The work everyone has been doing is inspiring. Hang in there and stay safe and healthy!

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ArchiPro is an all-in-one platform helping Kiwis build their dream. On ArchiPro, you can browse projects, find products, connect with professionals and learn about building, all in one place.


Here are some of the articles we've created covering relevant topics during this time:



Hi Everyone,


I have been blogging on remote work for the last year as I traveled around the US. Hopefully, you enjoy some of the resources and advice on my page:

Stay safe,




It has been so insightful to read through all of the tools other Hubspot users are using and offering. 


My office has about 60 people who are used to being in the same building everyday. It has been a tough transition for some, but we're finding the fun by using Boost Engagement. There is a free news feed tool where employees can share updates and pictures whenever they want. We're having weekly opportunities for people to share things like celebrating National Dog Day, sharing their favorite throwback photo, or Guess The Employee Spotlight. 


If you're looking for a way to feel connected to your coworkers, this is a great way. 


Hi Everyone,


Jill here from Global Relay! We are a leading provider of cloud archiving, information governance surveillance, and eDiscovery solutions to finance and other highly regulated industries. Recently we also created our own texting and instant messaging platform to help organizations meet their communication, collaboration and compliance requirements. 


We have created a few webinars on how to tackle remote work at home for these types of industries and will have more to come! Take a look! 


Join our community and add us to LinkedIn as well!


Thanks and stay safe everyone!




Hi everyone, 


It's Ernesto from Innovare. We are offering schools and non-profit organizations a free license to our services to help them plan and mange their data-driven goals. You can read our press release here


Our website is not optimized to show the value we bring to non-profits but we realized that our services help them improve their impact. 



We have been working remotely as part of our work culture for the last few years. Here are some of the resources we use that have been really helpful to us. 

- Whiteboard planning and capturing ideas: Miro (this one is at the top for a reason)

- Virtual meetings: google meet (there is a plugin to view everyone on a grid) 

- Website redesign / creating one (we have found a great partner for this. Send me a message for details) 

- task and project management : Asana

- performance mangement:15/five (great way to check up on employees to make sure they are doing well)