In person vs. Virtual events: which is better?

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Looking at conferences and events, 2020 has been ruled by virtual experiences, online events, and attending conferences (and perhaps speaking at them) while wearing sweatpants.


Should the virtual event stay in 2020, or should conferences adapt and adopt to an online platform going forward? Which do you prefer? Are you missing networking after hours in a new city? Are you enjoying the new virtual networking experience? Do you miss the days of jet lag and hotels, or do you prefer taking notes and asking questions in the chat from your desk? 


This week's debate is around in person vs. virtual events: which one do you prefer? 



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Hey @tjoyce , @Kevin-C , @GuyTaylor and @amberstewart !

Have you guys been attending any virtual events during this time? I do enjoy attending virtual events from my room (convenient!!), but definitely miss the excitement of being in the place and enjoy the event with other people. I'd love to hear your experience😄

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Fullfilling HS work has kept me pretty busy lately so, I enjoy connecting with people without needing to invest a day or more in travel time and hob-knobbing. Sure I like the elbow rubbing aspect of in-person but, as of this moment I'm happier just doing virtual 😄

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Hello and Welcome to the Community New users  🎉


We are so happy you are here and would love to kick off with our weekly debate, @Frances_Chen @gsAndrew @benastin  @BrittanyMeans @brianspangle @danielleemoran @DylanMorgan  @Lang @hayleyh @hzey11 @isa @jacob-cook @jfung @Kaitlynne 

@krogala @DRSBLD @LukeDoulton @reetsdrying @markp_arriga @MichelleBauer, what is your preference? 


Thank you,


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I am a people person, and I really miss networking and talking to people while sharing a drink, but I know it is more comfortable and easy to have virtual events since you don't have to travel or lose time in the car-airplane- etc. Having an event in the comfort of your house is something that I really appreciate.



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Thank you for sharing @NikiTorres! As a people person, I also miss the unexpected networking opportunities that come with in person events, however there is something to be said for attending conferences while wearing slippers. I also find it's easier for full teams to attend virtual events when there aren't any travel related expenses.