Email series - pause during this crisis/pandemic?


Hi - we're at a heightened part of the coronavirus pandemic in the UK. 

We're a health company selling gut health tests and programs - and we know sales are already down due to changes in focus and hierarchy of needs. 

We have a few series' running from email captures - gathered by social media in the last month/two, and reengaging an old audience. 

I'm wondering whether its a good idea to pause these, so as not to seem irrelevant to users or to lose trust. Reporting wise, they are still getting opened but clicks are low - I need to dig a little further into the timespan for this tho. 

Grateful for thoughts. 
Thank you

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I think it really depends.  If the prospect completed a form or another action to receive the emails, even though engagement is low, it may be worth continuing to send the emails out.  Just because of the COVID-19 outbreak, people still have existing conditions that may need to be treated so it could be relevant.  However for old, unengaged contacts it might not be worth it and could leave to higher opt-outs.  

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I would tie whatever you're doing the current situation people are in. Gut health would be tied to immunity, keeping depression at bay, etc... 


Best to you.


Thank you both for your replies - very helpful and we are applying both approaches. Finding ways to continue our existing offering and tailoring messaging to be relevant. 

Best wishes to you both,


Hey @Marged ,


Why not try something totally new and unexpected? No one knows what's next, and everyone ( including goverment ) is just making the plan as they go. Night show hosts are filming zoom calls in t-shirts from their homes, and putting them on youtube. I would say try something crazy too.


I'm unsure if you sell physical products, digital subscriptions, or in person services but you could come up with potentially a good idea for many of them. 


How about co-op marketing with another brand, and getting a referral bonus, or selling their product yourself? Could you expand into selling a respiratory type of health test that may be in demand? in the US there was a grocery store shortage of cereal, pasta, and some other foods, because adults, and school kids were working from home and not eating out. You could hire someone from Upwork to film a video about how eating from home affects your gut. Then take those ideas and blast them on email.


You got this. Everyone is doing new things. We took a hard pivot and it turned out great.


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HI @Marged I ended up on your thread because we just went over this topic internally. I know it's been a bit since you posted this. If you are still experiencing this challenge and want some expert advice, Jon Dick (VP Marketing) is answering questions in our community right now, he would have some advice for sure. We created a new strategy for ourselves internally when COVID came so he can give you some detail on that if you'd like! Here's the link to drop the question - let me know if I can help in any way, too. I work in MOps at HubSpot