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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Visual Editing is now the default view for Workflows

What is it?
As of Friday March 24th, the new Visual Workflow Editor is the default view for all users. The old view will officially be retired. It’s had a good run. We hope you've had time to get aquinted with the new view and have tried out some of the improvements. 

Why is the visual editor better? 
With the new design, it's easier than ever to piece together powerfully personalized workflows. 
Visial Workflows with Boxes .png

  1. Visualized branching logic. No more switching back and forth between branches. Track your logical train of thought visually, and follow your branches from beginning to end without any extra clicks.

  2. Easier to learn and use. Plus, fewer external tools and additional diagrams on whiteboards means a simpler process around workflows.

  3. Easier to share. Want to socialize your workflow before you push it live? The new interface provides a clear snapshot of your work for your colleagues and boss.

Who has this update?
Everyone who has workflows will have the new view by default.

When will it go live?
Friday 3/24/17

How does it work?
Starting 3/24 we’ll default everyone to the new view and remove the option to switch back to the old view. We cannot switch portals back to the old view.