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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Updated Jira Integration: Two-way Sync

Now live is a new version of the existing Jira integration for HubSpot. The previous version was built by Atlassian. Over the past few months, Jira has transferred ownership of that integration to HubSpot so that it is now a HubSpot-built, native integration.

This updated version of the (now) HubSpot-built integration for Jira features a two-way sync between HubSpot and Jira. With this integration, you can create and update Jira issues within HubSpot from the tickets object; see Jira issue status on HubSpot company, contact, and ticket records; and create workflows and reports based on eight new Jira ticket properties.
We heard you; you wanted to connect tickets to Jira issues. You've been asking us for the ability to connect and enable better collaboration between your front line support teams and your development/engineers. This new app gives you just that.

How does it work?

Integrate Service Hub Tickets with Jira Issues
Create new Jira issues from incoming HubSpot support tickets or find and attach an existing Jira issue to a new support ticket in HubSpot. When the status of the Jira issue changes, the update will automatically be reflected in HubSpot.

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 5.19.19 PM
Comments logged on Jira issues will also sync directly to the ticket record, enabling your team to spend less time jumping between systems and more time focused on customer interactions.
Automate and Report on Tickets and Jira Issues
When connecting Service Hub tickets and Jira issues, we automatically create a new set of ‘Jira properties’ on the HubSpot ticket record. This allows you to use HubSpot’s powerful workflow automation to send internal and external notifications as Jira issues are updated and resolved. Because we tie the Jira issue ID to the HubSpot ticket, you can report on which Jira issues have the most HubSpot tickets attached -- giving you the insight you need into the impact of each specific issue. New Jira properties include:
  • Jira Issue Status
  • Jira Issue Summary
  • Jira Issue ID
  • Jira Issue Priority
  • Jira Issue Assignee
  • Jira Issue Identifier
  • Jira Issue Link
  • Jira Issue Reporter
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Visibility for All Teams via the Company and Contact Records
When a Jira issue is created and/or attached to an existing ticket in Service Hub, that information will also roll up and be visible on the HubSpot company and contact records associated with that specific ticket. This provides unparalleled insight for marketers or sales folks interacting with companies and contacts on a daily basis.