Update to Owner Assignment in Workflows

by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Workflows is HubSpot's automation engine: with Workflows, you can automate manual and repetitive tasks, so you can focus on more meaningful things. Over the years, Workflows have expanded in scope and power, from email nurturing to data management to sales and service automation. 

One new feature introduced to Workflows in the last few years: owner assignment. With Workflows, you can assign an owner to a HubSpot object like a contact or company. You can set an owner explicitly (e.g. automate a deal to be created with owner "Jen Smith") or via rotation (e.g. automate a deal to be created,

 and assign it randomly among four sales reps). 

Previously, in order to assign a record explicitly to an owner, that owner needed a paid seat. With today's change, only owner rotation requires a paid seat of Professional or Enterprise. Explicit assignment no longer requires a paid seat.

Curious about the technical nitty-gritty? Here's the full scoop:

Previously, only users with paid Professional seats could be assigned objects through Workflows. This restriction was surfaced in the following actions :

  • Set Contact Owner property
  • Set Company Owner property
  • Set Deal Owner property
  • Set Ticket Owner Property
  • Create task
  • Create deal
  • Create ticket
  • Rotate leads
  • Rotate companies
  • Rotate deals
  • Rotate ticket

With this change, only “Rotate” action assignees will require paid Professional or Enterprise seats.