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by: HubSpot Moderator
HubSpot Moderator

Understand the Impact of your Video Strategy with YouTube Reports

Video is king when it comes to social content. We currently spend upwards of six hours a day consuming video content, and that number is only going to keep growing. If you’re serious about expanding your presence on social, you’re regularly creating content on YouTube, and promoting it to your audience.

But once your video content is created, you need to know how it is being received by your target audience. With YouTube reporting in HubSpot, you can begin to track your overall YouTube performance over time, and analyze how specific videos are performing against others, in the same system you use to report on the rest of your social channels. See what resonates with your audience, and fully lean into your YouTube strategy.

Within Social settings, Enterprise portals will now have the option of connecting a YouTube account to HubSpot.


Once connected, navigate to social reports, and from the drop down of connected accounts, select your newly connected YouTube account. A YouTube dashboard will then appear giving you an overview of your YouTube engagement. You’ll be able to track average watch time, subscriber growth over a period of time, the number of interactions on each post, and even dive deep into statistics on an individual video basis.



YouTube reports are now available to all users of Marketing Hub Enterprise.