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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Turn Business Cards into Contacts with the free Business Card Scanner for iOS and Android

Most business cards never see the light of day. You leave a tradeshow or a meeting with a pocketful of cards, thinking “I should really do something with these cards at some point….” Your options are bleak: spend a few hours manually inputting them into your database, go through the trouble of hiring someone to do it for you, buy an expensive app to scan the cards (and another one to integrate it with your system of record). Or you can do nothing at all. Leave those cards in your pocket to collect dust.

What if you could bring those business cards into your digital system of record with a few taps of your thumb, so you could continue the conversation with those contacts over all your usual channels — email, calls, meetings, and all the rest — no manual entry, extra employees, or expensive apps required?

Today, we're excited to announce a visually refreshed business card scanner for Android, and — for the first time ever — a business card scanner for iOS, powered by machine learning. Transforming your cards into digital contacts has never been easier.

And did we mention it’s free?

How does it work?

Head to your iOS or Android App and click on the Contacts tab. From there, create a contact, select the option to scan a business card, and you’re ready to go.

The scanner will pick out first name, last name, email address, phone number, website URL, and job title from the card and map it automatically to the respective HubSpot properties. The mobile app is able to do this using the power of machine learning, with the mapping prediction improving with every scan.

Once that contact is created, you get all the power of HubSpot behind it - automatic contact-company association, the ability to send tracked follow-up emails, calling, tasks and much more.

This is available to all HubSpot users who have the iOS or Android App downloaded. And it's free. No strings attached.

Don't yet have the HubSpot apps for mobile? Download the iOS or Android app now.

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