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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Transactional Email: Single-Send API

Transactional email is the best way to send, and deliver, relationship-driven emails. But most transactional email is hard. If you want to customize individual transactional emails, it involves a significant amount of engineering time, and you may end up losing control over the email.

Welcome to the HubSpot Transactional Email Single-Send API. You can create and send relationship-driven email from the same email interface within HubSpot, and use custom tokens that connect to your APIs to insert information directly from your own internal systems.  

The single-send API combines the power integrating information from your own database and utilizing the same interface and infrastructure with HubSpot.


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If you are interested in Transactional Email please talk to your Customer Success Manager about the Transactional Email Add-on