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by: HubSpot Moderator
HubSpot Moderator

Track and Publish Pages from Content Staging

Launching a new website, or even just a few pages can be stressful. There are always edits that need to be made, but tracking those edits is difficult. Today we are introducing a few updates to Content Staging that will help you track, and publish pages.

Publishing Pages from Content Staging:

Within Content Staging when you choose to publish a page you can now describe the detail of publishing an individual page or group of pages. For example, in the screenshot below we're publishing a new 'About Us' page to add a new employee. Adding this detail allows you to track why the new pages were published so you can have full-history of changes.


See a History of Pages Published:

Within the new Log tab in Content Staging you can see a history of the pages that were published and if the individual left a comment you can dive into more detail about why that page was published.


Content Staging Navigation Changes:

We've renamed the navigation within Content Staging to be: Manage, Publish, Log. As described above the Log tab is brand-new, but this new navigation is intended to make it clear on every stage of publishing your content.

Note: Content Staging is only available to customers with the HubSpot Website Platform. Don't have the Website Platform but want to try it out? You can start a free 14-day trial in your account now.