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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Top 55 PieSync Connectors are Now Listed in the App Marketplace

HubSpot’s App Marketplace is full of a diverse collection of nearly 400 apps designed specifically to help you and your teams get the most value you can out of HubSpot. But everyone once in a while, two pieces of software you love haven’t gotten around to building an integration, leaving you with a gap that needs filling for your specific need.

That’s when an integration platform as a service (or “iPaaS”) solution can help. These iPaaS providers serve to bridge the gap between public APIs offered by thousands of hosted software systems. If software you love has yet to build an integration with each other, it’s possible there’s an iPaas solution that can help you.

With the recent acquisition of PieSync, a top iPaaS solution, HubSpot is now in a position to give you a richer iPaaS experience by listing individual PieSync connectors on their own listing pages, not hidden behind a single app listing for PieSync like they were before. 


Now live is a new App Marketplace collection containing 55 of the top PieSync connectors. To see the collection, go to the App Marketplace Collections filter section on the left. There you will find a “Data Sync by PieSync" collection. Click on that collection and browse all of the 55 PieSync connectors.

Note: You are not installing single connectors. When you install the Piesync app, or click the “Connect App” button, you are installing the entire PieSync app. This will give you access to all of the connectors that PieSync offers.  

Everyone has access to the collection filter and can view PieSync connector listings. If you have PieSync installed you already have access to these connectors and don’t need to take any action. If you do not already have PieSync, you will be directed to connect the PieSync app.