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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Three updates to improve speed & permissions for file management in HubSpot.

Being able to properly manage all your files and brand assets is essential to scaling your business. As you grow, making sure you can easily retrieve your files and restrict access to them when necessary becomes more and more important. In March, we launched an update that lets you determine whether or not you want a file in the files tool to be publicly accessible, or only available internally. Today’s updates give you even more control when managing your files within HubSpot.

  • Bulk management for file visibility
  • Improved search
  • Files user permissions

Let’s take a look at each update in turn to understand how you can leverage them within HubSpot.

Bulk management for file visibility

Within the files tool, you can move, delete, and export files, or folders of files, in bulk. Now that you can manage file visibility within the file manager as well, we’ve added a new option to manage in bulk whether or not your files are accessible to all, or only available internally.

To get started, open your files tool.

  • Select the files and folders you would like to modify
  • Choose the file visibility bulk management button
  • Update the file visibility settings and confirm the changes

Improved search

This update provides heavy users of the files tool with a much quicker experience when they’re searching for a specific file, or filtering down their files to see a collection of files within HubSpot. Hop into the files tool, search for a specific file, and you should notice that it appears much quicker than it previously would. Quickly grab your files, and get back to focusing on more mission critical tasks.

File user permissions

As your team grows, you might want only specific users within HubSpot to have edit access to files. For example, a sales rep might only need to be able to view files, while the team in charge of your website needs full access to import, edit, and delete files. With this update, admins can now easily manage these permissions for all users, so everyone on your team has exactly the access they need to get their job done.


To manage a user’s files permissions:

  • Navigate to Settings > Users & teams
  • Click the edit button beside the user whose permissions you wish to manage
  • Open the Marketing tab and scroll down to find Files toggle
  • Toggle the Files option on or off and save

Please note, turning Marketing Access off for a user will not remove their file write permissions. The files permission is independent of other marketing tool permissions.


These three updates are now live to all HubSpot users that have access to the files tool.