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Equipo de producto de HubSpot

The Complete List of October 2021 Product Updates

Spooky season is here, but that doesn’t mean work has to be a horror. This month, we’ve introduced plenty of updates to help you scale and grow seamlessly. Let’s review!




Marketing Hub

The 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™: B2B Marketing Automation Platforms
We have great news. HubSpot is now a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for B2B Marketing Automation Platforms. The report is a culmination of rigorous, fact-based research in specific markets, making HubSpot's achievement of leader all the more important. Our thoughtfully crafted approach, centered around you - your goals and needs - is what earned this recognition. Thank you for being part of this. We can't wait to share all that's to come with you, our cherished customers who made this possible.



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Multi-Hub Updates

Association Improvements (in Open Beta)

You now have the flexibility to associate multiple company records with contacts, deals, and tickets. For professional and enterprise tiers, you can also create and add labels to associations, helping you further clarify and specify relationships between CRM objects. Filter lists, create workflows based on the association labels and tailor your CRM to reflect the way your business runs. 


Association improvements are available for all customers.


Associations 2.png

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Forecast Submissions

Give stakeholders an accurate, real-time understanding of sales performance by submitting forecasts. Before this update, forecasts would only draw from the previous performance, eliminating much-needed context for future-looking expectations. However, now sales and service reps can estimate how they'll perform on either a quarterly or monthly basis. Like an accurate, virtual crystal ball.


Forecast submission is available for Sales and Service Hub Professional customers.



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October Marketplace Collection - Enterprise CRM Platform

Scale your business up with HubSpot CRM Platform and the apps from our latest marketplace collection. As your business grows, your CRM needs to extend beyond sales to bring together marketing, customer support, and operations teams. Have a more customizable, connected, and customer-centric CRM by connecting HubSpot with these applications.


Our October Collection on the App Marketplace is available for all customers.


14 Apps for Enterprise CRM Platform.png

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Blog Listing Page Editing
You can now edit a blog post listing page the same way you would edit a normal page in HubSpot. This means you can drag modules around on the listing page, make a module smart, and see analytics for the page all in our familiar content editor. Developers, remember to make your blog listing template compatible with drag and drop and you’ll be good to go. A bonus - all default HubSpot themes now support this new blog editing experience.


Blog listing page editing is available for CMS Hub Starter, Professional, and Enterprise customers, as well as Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise customers.


blog list image.png

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Theme Settings Powered by Brand Defaults
Here’s a quick, easy, and hopefully very useful update for you. Remember how brand settings contain and apply your company's brand colors, logos, and favicons across HubSpot content? You can now access those settings with a fields.json file. Developers, pull your theme settings directly from brand defaults by leveraging the "inherited_value" field within your fields.json file


Theme settings powered by brand defaults are available for CMS and Marketing Hub Starter customers.


brand settings for theme.png

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Saved Sections
Marketers, you’ll save time editing and creating content with this release. If you often reuse large chunks of content across various pages, this update enables you to go into the content editor and create your own sections without relying on developers. These saved sections will inherit any smart rules applied to them, so it's easy to bring personalized experiences from one page to the next.


Saved sections available for CMS Hub Starter customers.


Saved Sectionss.png

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Improved SEO Alt Text Recommendations
SEO Recommendations Home now offers two separate alt text SEO recommendations, depending on if an image on your website page is missing alt text entirely or if it contains a blank alt text value. Remember, alt text helps with accessibility, image legibility, and SEO. Now you have a clear and extra direct way to address image-based SEO issues on your website.

Improved SEO alt text recommendations are available for CMS and Marketing Hub Professional customers.


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3 New SEO Recommendations
There are now three new SEO recommendations in the SEO tool to help you improve your website's performance. These are "Don't use the <meta http-equiv="refresh"> tag," "Make your link anchors more descriptive," and "Make sure search engines can process your page links." When you remove the “<meta http-equiv="refresh">” tag, your pages stop refreshing automatically, decreasing a confusing user experience. “Make your link anchors more descriptive" suggests replacement language for generic anchors like “click here,” etc. Finally, when you "make sure search engines can process your page links,” you correctly format links for better search engine crawls.


3 new SEO recommendations are available for CMS and Marketing Hub Professional customers.


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If you’ve ever wanted to play scientist and experiment, this feature is for you. The sandboxes tool is like a lab where you can test different customer experience elements before they go live. No lab goggles are required here. Sandboxes is a safe environment that mimics your production account. Use it to set up sales pipelines without interrupting your team's day-to-day, test integrations to keep your data clean, and build out new modules or web assets before putting them in the hands of your marketers. ​​Never interrupt your team (or customers) again with an experiment gone awry.


The sandbox tool is available for all Enterprise customers.


Create Sandbox ENG.png

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Sales Hub


We’re saying “goodbye” to disjointed payment systems. They slow sales, frustrate your team, and disappoint buyers. Instead, opt for a natively built, streamlined process with HubSpot payments. Through payments, you can power the buyer experience from right inside your CRM platform. Combine commerce and customer insights to deliver a smooth, personalized buyer process across touchpoints like quotes, chat, email, web, and more. Forget chasing payments and tight cash flows. Use this update to introduce new revenue streams, enable touchless sales, and allow recurring payments. Cheers to that.


The payments update is available in beta for Pro+ customers in the United States.


Quotes & Payments Image - Compressed-1.png

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Mobile Forecasting

Sales teams need mobile-friendly tools to help them get work done while they're on the move. That’s why we’re bringing our powerful forecasting tool to mobile. Sales leaders, you can now quickly check team progress and updates on your mobile devices, helping you stay connected and keep projects flowing.


Mobile forecasting is available for Sales Hub Professional customers.


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Deal Splits

Deal Splits lets you share credit for a deal with up to 5 users. Sales managers, we’ve got a little secret for you… Use this feature to incentivize reps to give customers a great sales experience. HubSpot makes it easy to retain CRM adoption and keep track of their deal attainment in one system. Plus, using custom reports and this data, you can measure the credit each user will receive based on their involvement in individual deals.


Deal splits are available for Sales Hub Enterprise customers.



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