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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

The Complete List of November 2022 Product Updates

Welcome to the November product updates blog. Take advantage of some great opportunities to improve your commerce flow, marketing, customer connection, and more. While we have you here, don’t skip our latest video for a look at our new product highlights.


WhatsApp Integration

With over two billion active users, WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app - this new channel allows your marketing and service teams to seamlessly connect, communicate and engage with customers, at scale. This update will allow you to stay ahead of the curve with a fresh, personal relationship with your audience, despite consumer fatigue over subscriptions, ads, and traditional media.

WhatsApp Integration is now available for all Marketing and Service Hub Pro+ users.


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HubSpot Calling Now on Mobile

We live to give you more ways to communicate with your base. Speaking of, HubSpot calling is now on mobile. Make calls straight from the app using your calling minutes and preferred outgoing number, be it a landline, mobile, or HubSpot number. Enjoy calls to any of our 50 supported countries and take advantage of full recording capability for later analysis in our conversation intelligence tool.


HubSpot calling on mobile (iOS and Android) is now available for Sales and Service Hub users.



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Social Publishing on Mobile

Literally hundreds of you asked for this, and now, at long last, you can manage your social channels on the go. Enjoy new social publishing on mobile, an excellent addition to your marketing arsenal (looking at you, social media managers). Create, draft, schedule or edit posts, define campaigns, and more right from your phone. 


Social publishing on mobile (iOS and Android) is now available to Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise accounts.



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Optional Products on Payment Links

You can now enable optional products on your payment links so buyers can decide what they want to purchase at checkout. More specificity can lead to a clearer, faster checkout for your customers, increasing sales over time. 


This update is now available to all U.S.-based HubSpot payments users.


Enable Taxes and Fees on Payment Quotes 

Good news: you can now include write-in taxes and fees on quotes to comply with local and state rules and regulations. Previously, quotes that included taxes and fees were blocked from collecting payment with an error message that required these additional items be removed. With this update, we’ve removed this block so HubSpot payments can become an option for your business. 


Simply add order-level taxes and fees on quotes as you normally would and then select HubSpot payments for the payment option. You’ll see taxes and fees reflected in checkout, as well as all email receipts. 


All U.S.-based HubSpot payments users can enable taxes and fees on payment quotes.


Subscription Scheduling

Have a project starting in the future or want to offer a free trial? Configure recurring products and services on payment links to start billing on a future calendar date. Talk about smooth selling! And, coming soon: the same functionality on quotes. This update is for you if you sell online classes or courses that start at a fixed date in the future after payment is collected, you need to deliver some milestones before charging the buyer, you want to align the billing cycle for all new buyers, and more. 


All HubSpot customers can configure a subscription schedule; however, accepting payments on a scheduled subscription with HubSpot payments users are available to U.S.-based HubSpot payments users.


New Navigation on Mobile

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we’re confident you’re going to find this next update gorgeous. Introducing a refreshed, rejuvenated mobile look that more closely mirrors your desktop experience. Confidently navigate the platform and find what you’re looking for, no matter what device you're on.


New mobile navigation is now available for all HubSpot users.


Mobile navigation.jpg


Customize Lifecycle Stages

You’re familiar with lifecycle stages in HubSpot, right? They help you track the customer journey, suggesting whether a contact is a lead, opportunity, or customer. Now you can customize the lifecycle stage property to better fit your business and desired customer path. In addition, we simplified the solution and gave you more controls to automate the setting of the lifecycle stage.


The ability to customize lifecycle stages is available to all HubSpot customers.


Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 1.10.38 PM.png


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New Apps From Our Accelerator Program

Our App Accelerator partners have developed new apps, specially built for HubSpot, to breathe new life into your CRM and Sales Hub experience. With attention to all your needs, from regional to global, these new tools help fill gaps in ERP, currency conversion, fundraising, version management, and much more.


New apps from our App Accelerator program are now available for all CRM and Sales Hub customers.




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November Marketplace App Collection 

Your sales and marketing teams (and their data) will be best buds for life after you start using the integrations on this curated set of 20 apps for lead management, ABM, and more. This month’s specific marketplace app collection was carefully selected with sales and marketing connections in mind. The more in sync these two teams are, the better your business will deliver an outstanding customer experience. 


The November Marketplace App Collection is available to all HubSpot users.


Screenshot 2022-10-31 at 11.08.07.png


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Inline Commenting

With our improved inline commenting feature, coaches and managers can now leave specific contextual comments to call transcripts. Reps, prepare to say “adios” to broad commentary on your overall call performance. Receive laser-focused feedback on specific conversation moments instead. Reps can respond to comments directly and drill down into focused areas of improvement to make meaningful changes in their conversations with customers.


Inline commenting is now available to Sales and Service Hub Professional users.


Inline Commenting Feature.png


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We strive to make your customer connections stronger and stronger through our product updates and additions. Which of these updates are you most excited for? Let us know!