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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

The Complete List of November 2021 Product Updates

As the holiday season approaches, we aim to keep your customers engaged and connected. November brought along some new features and improvements to do just that. Here are this month’s updates.



Operations Hub

Introducing Operations Hub Enterprise

Let's talk about how to create a single source of truth that powers deeply personalized customer experiences: Operations Hub. We’ve made an update that’s packing an extra punch. Introducing a brand new tier, Operations Hub Enterprise - a data powerhouse with all the perks of previous tiers and more.


With Enterprise, generate tables of data that stakeholders can use to guide their own work. These tables, or datasets as we call them, help everyone at your company run reliable reports quickly, freeing up your ops team from ad-hoc reporting requests. 


Prefer to prep and curate your data outside of HubSpot? We’ve got you covered. Enterprise includes an integration with Snowflake, an industry-leading data warehouse. Share info between Snowflake and HubSpot easily. No sweat! 


Operations Hub Enterprise is now available.



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Deal Sync

Remember when we launched data sync in April? Our engine that powers 80+ app integrations, like NetSuite and more? We thought it was time for a lil boost. This month, we’re launching deal sync, an awesome, new feature of data sync, that connects your sales opportunities to HubSpot from third-party CRMs. Now you can add company and deal data to your customer contact info.


Deal sync is available for all Operations Hub customers.


Multi-Hub Updates

November Marketplace Collection - Marketing Event Apps

There's a new marketplace collection for November featuring apps that bring data from your marketing event software into HubSpot, so you can better market your events. Now you can build omnichannel campaigns that drive registration and engagement while gaining insight into the ROI of events.


Our November Collection on the App Marketplace is available for all customers.


Marketing Event App Collection.png

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More Granular Blog CSV/Excel Export Options

Specifically select and export the blog of your choosing with our new Blog CSV and Excel export options. This comes especially handy if you’re running multiple blogs for different purposes, but only need to export one or a select few. This update ensures you get a smaller CSV or Excel file with only the data you need.


More granular blog CSV/Excel export options are available for CMS Hub Starter, Professional, and Enterprise customers and Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise customers.


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Advanced Publishing

Remember the days of staying up til midnight to make updated pages go live? Previously, you could only schedule updates on unpublished pages. With advanced publishing, you can now schedule updates to already published pages within the CMS. Goodbye, dark circles!


Advanced publishing is available for CMS Hub Enterprise customers.


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Ability to Import Colors From External Website Page in CMS Hub

We want to make building new content as simple and easy as possible. That’s why you can now import the colors of an external website into HubSpot within brand settings, or in the CMS Hub onboarding flow. Bring your website onto HubSpot without manually copying in brand color hex codes. These colors should automatically appear as favorites within your color picker in the page editor. Simply go to “Account Defaults” under your settings icon, and click on the “Branding” tab to begin.


The ability to import colors from external website pages is available for CMS Hub Starter customers.


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Pages v3 API

APIs make it easier for developers to help manage content at scale. We've enhanced our Pages API to make it easier for developers to leverage, while also adding specific endpoints for A/B testing and multi-language content management.


Pages API is available for CMS Hub Starter customers.



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HubDB v3 API

HubDB is a relational data store representing data as rows, columns, and cells in a table, much like a spreadsheet. Not only can you use the HubDB v3 API to edit, update, create and read data in integrations, but the HubDB API can also be used to fetch data to display on websites and apps.


HubDB v3 API is available for CMS Hub Professional customers.


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Improvements to "Select Your Style" Step in The In-App CMS Hub Onboarding Flow

With our improvements to the “Select Your Style” step in our onboarding flow, you now have access to more color and font presets. Choose from up to six presets and customize your own based on your preferences. We’ve also added logo cropping capabilities for added control over your image width and height, all within the same flow. 


Improvements to "Select Your Style" are available for CMS Hub Starter customers.



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Sales Hub

Embedded Workflows Within Sequences Automation

Change the behavior of your sequences through new embedded workflows. You can now select ways to automate sequence enrollment and unenrollment by building custom workflows within the sequence.


Embedded workflows within sequences automation are available for all Sales Hub customers.


Send Specific Meeting Times in an Email

Select and send specific times to a prospect or customer in an email with this update. Recipients will be able to select and schedule a meeting in 'one click'.


Sending specific meeting times in an email is available for all Sales Hub customers.


Custom Meeting Outcomes

The meeting outcome field will now be customizable, allowing you to add new fields, and edit/delete some existing fields.


Custom meeting outcomes are available for all Sales Hub customers.


Cancel and Reschedule Meetings

Your contacts will now have the ability to cancel or reschedule a meeting that they booked through the Meetings tool. Canceled meetings will automatically update RSVP attendance to 'No' for both parties, and add the text “CANCELED:” to the meeting title. Rescheduled meetings will move the event to the newly selected date.


This update to canceling and rescheduling meetings is available for Sales Hub Free customers.


Report on Call Objects and Tracked Terms with Conversation Intelligence

Get immediate insight into the content of your sales calls and report on them at scale by tracking mentions of key terms you care about, such as competitors, product names, and customer objections. This update helps you easily find calls of interest, identify coaching opportunities, and monitor trends.


Reporting on call objects and tracked terms with conversation intelligence is available for Sales Hub Enterprise customers.


tracked terms.png

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Default Permission Sets

Admins need to seamlessly invite their team to HubSpot with the level of access they need to perform their job successfully but struggle to know which permissions each user needs. When creating a new user, admins will be presented with templated sets of permissions that fit each user. Instead of a trial and error process that may give a user more permissions than intended, this will start each user off with permissions specific to their job role.


Default permission sets are available in all Sales Hub Professional and Enterprise accounts when new users are created.


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User Deactivation

When a user leaves a company or no longer needs access to the company’s HubSpot account, users with super admin permissions can deactivate users rather than removing them. This allows you to preserve the user’s historical activities without losing access to important data. 

User deactivation is available for all Sales Hub customers.


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Create Contacts, Companies, Deals via Slack Integration

Customers can now create HubSpot contacts, companies, and deals via HubSpot’s Slack integration. With this new functionality, customers can make sure important information is recorded in HubSpot without navigating away from Slack.


Creating contacts, companies, deals via Slack integration is available for all Sales Hub Free customers.


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Rolling Date Range Filters & Fiscal Year Support in Custom Report Builder

A rolling date range allows you an up-to-date, running view of your data. Additionally, a custom fiscal year view allows you to organize your data based on the definition your company has of what time frame constitutes a “year.”


Rolling date range filters & fiscal year support in custom report builder is available for all Sales Hub customers.


Fiscal Year Setting CRB.png


Service Hub

Add Custom Head HTML to Knowledge Base Articles

Enjoy more control over the head HTML included in your knowledge base articles. There’s now an open-text custom HTML field in the "Settings" tab of the knowledge base article editor. Marketers, you can use this to prevent specific articles from showing up in Search.


Adding custom head HTML to knowledge base articles is available for Service Hub Professional customers.


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We hope you’re enjoying this month’s updates as much as we are! Check back in December for more.