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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

The Complete List of January 2022 Product Updates

Delight customers as you grow in 2022. You can now access new features and updates, introduced this January, to help you towards this goal. Let’s review!



Multi-Hub Updates

Top-rated Apps by G2 Leaders - 1,000 Apps Announcement

Our App Marketplace just surpassed 1,000 integrations! Each of you are looking for specific ways to center and fulfill your customer’s needs, and with over 1,000 apps there’s something perfect just for you. Want help navigating it all? Pop the champagne. We’re celebrating this milestone with a curated collection of customers’ top-rated, HubSpot certified, and G2 leader-built apps. This special-edition collection is full of integrations with high customer value.


Our January Collection on the App Marketplace and curated collections are available for all users.


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Marketing Hub

Embedded Attribution Reporting within Campaigns

Marketers, did you know that attribution reporting is one of the best ways to see which of your efforts have your customers going wild? Now you can bring attribution reporting into the campaigns tool. This duo is a no-brainer. Campaigns align your team around specific, goal-driven initiatives. This update is like a microscope or a magnifying glass, helping you better see what specific initiatives, assets, and interactions grab your customer’s attention. Identify what has generated new contacts, deals, and revenue so you can do more of what works, and less of what doesn't, to see your ROI grow.


Embedded attribution reporting within campaigns is now available for Marketing Hub Professional users.



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Operations Hub

Scheduled Triggers

Around here, we love workflows, our automation engine. Workflows automates manual tasks, like sending emails and managing data. They’re usually triggered when a record meets specific criteria. But what about automating those repetitive, business processes that aren't tied to a specific contact record change or event? Say no more. Now you can automate your most repetitive recurring tasks - data cleanup, team reminders, and more. Save energy and save time with this update.


Scheduled triggers are now available for Operations Hub Professional users.



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User and Team Partitioning for HubDB Tables

A new year means decluttering and cleaning. Let’s clear off your dashboard too. You can now assign HubDB tables to specific users and teams so only they can access it. No need to see extra HubDB tables that don’t pertain to you or specific users on your crew. Use this update to Marie Kondo team access and more effectively manage your dynamic content. New year, new me, new HubDb table access. Pretty sure that’s how the saying goes.


User and team partitioning for HubDB tables is now available for CMS and Marketing Hub Enterprise customers.


HubDB Partitioning.png

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Copy Sections of a Page as HubL

CMS Developers can now scaffold out sections in the page editor, then copy the HubL generated from the section for use as a starting point for creating your own custom sections. With the ability to build the general layout of a section quickly, then copy its generated HubL, you’ll save a lot of time, and can focus on building more sophisticated digital experiences.


The ability to copy sections of a page as HubL is now available for Marketing Hub Professional & Enterprise customers, as well as CMS Hub Starter, Professional, and Enterprise users.


Copy Sections as HubL.png

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Page's Meta Description Will Now Appear in SEO Recommendations

You’ll now be able to quickly review, and take action on, your page’s meta descriptions in one place. Your current meta description will appear in a new "meta description" column in the SEO Recommendations tool for the three following SEO recommendations: “remove title from meta description,” “address pages with duplicate meta description,” and “shorten meta description.”


A page’s meta description will now appear in SEO recommendations for Marketing Hub Professional & Enterprise customers, as well as CMS Hub Professional and Enterprise users. This update will be available on Monday, February 14th.


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Removing Template Swap Restrictions for Blog Listing Pages

We want to minimize any roadblocks when adopting new features and templates. That’s why we’ve removed restrictions on swapping a blog listing template without drag and drop areas to a template with drag and drop. Small adjustment, but certainly one to help your workday run smoother. With restrictions gone, you’ll have an easier time adopting the new editable blog listing page.


Blog listing pages without template swap restrictions is now available for Marketing Hub Professional & Enterprise customers, as well as CMS Hub Starter, Professional, and Enterprise users.


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Service Hub

Question Bank for Custom Surveys

Understanding customer opinion is major for success in 2022. Surveys are an easy way to hear directly from the source. Gotten some valuable intel from earlier customer survey questions and want to reuse them? You can now select previously used survey questions from a question bank to easily build a custom survey.


Question bank for custom surveys is now available for Service Hub Professional users.


Previously Used Questions.png

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Buckle up, we’ve got a great year lined up for you and your customers. See you next month for more!