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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

The Complete List of April 2022 Product Updates

Multi-Hub Updates

CRM Associations Improvements

Do you have a contact who is an employee at one company, but an advisor for another? Are you working on a deal or ticket that involves multiple companies? With new improvements to associations, you can assign multiple companies to a single contact, deal, or ticket, plus create and use labels in lists, workflows, and more. Having a full, dynamic picture of your relationships creates a rich CRM experience you can use to personalize outreach and optimize growth.

Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 12.32.25 PM.png

Improvements to CRM associations are now available to all customers.

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Sync Health

Your CRM should also be reliable, letting you know when records are out of sync or malfunctioning. Our new sync health update is a diagnostic tool to help you gain clarity on which records are syncing, which are being excluded, and which are failing to sync full stop.

Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 10.20.28 AM.png

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Field-Level View Permissions

Keeping the CRM safe, and therefore making your work day worry-free, is one of our top priorities. With field-level view permissions, you can better manage who can see what within the platform, keeping sensitive information safe.


Field-level view permissions are now available to all customers at the Enterprise tier.


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Mobile Conversation Intelligence Updates

Mobile conversation intelligence just got an upgrade with new features and an improved experience for you to enjoy. Sales managers and reps will have an easier way to discover what call to review next by using new search, sort and filter capabilities. It’s all about an elevated experience here, with enhanced transcripts, push notifications for “@” comment mentions, new call info tab, and play controls on locked screen.


Mobile conversation intelligence updates are now available to all customers.

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Apps for Delightful Sales and Service

By combining the power of HubSpot with these apps, you can build a connected, authentic, and delightful sales and service experience. This collection features top applications to interact with customers and prospects and then manage those interactions in HubSpot. With these integrations, you'll have a connected software stack that guarantees a frictionless and delightful customer experience.


This new app collection is now available to all Sales and Service Hub Professional customers.

Screenshot 2022-03-29 at 13.53.02.png

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Copy as HubL for Page Sections

CMS Developers can now scaffold out sections in the landing or website page editor, then copy that area's generated HubL to use as a time-saving head start in building custom sections. The HubL for that section will be added to your clipboard and ready to paste, including module and layout data. Use this update to free up your time for other, more important section customizations.


Copy as HubL for page sections is now available for CMS Hub Starter+ customers.

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A New Place to Edit Blog Listing Pages in the Blog Tool

Enjoy a new section to the blog tool, making it easier than ever to find and edit your blog listing pages. Use this update to edit an existing blog listing in the content editor, and to change the template of a blog listing page. 


This update in the blog tool for editing blog listing pages is now available to CMS Hub Starter+ and Marketing Hub Pro+ customers.


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Set Default Domain Within the SEO Recommendations Tool

You can now set a default subdomain in the SEO tool. Every time you open the tool from the navigation, you will be taken directly to the recommendations for your most important domain, saving you several clicks so you can be as productive as possible. 


Setting default subdomains in the SEO tool is now available to CMS and Marketing Hub Pro+ customers.


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Filter & Sorting for SEO Recommendations

Filter and sort SEO issues first time in the recommendations home. Sort through recommendations by SEO impact (high, medium, or low), SEO Issue category, and technical difficulty (high, medium, low) to streamline your SEO efforts and watch as organic web traffic increases each day.


Filter and sort options for SEO recommendations are now available to CMS and Marketing Hub Pro+ customers.



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CRM Object Property Module Field

This is a new module field type that pulls in a CRM property and its associated data. Content creators can now select from object properties when needing to display property details on a page. For example, you could add this field to a custom table module to populate table headings based on the selected properties.


CRM object property module fields are now available to CMS and Marketing Hub Pro+ customers.


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Visual Update to Personalization Tokens

Easy-of-use, legibility, and clarity for all abilities is top of mind at HubSpot. Personalization tokens, which represent property values for CRM objects like contacts or companies, are now easier to read and view thanks to accessibility standards.


Visual updates to personalization tokens are now available for all customers.


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Marketing Hub

Compare Marketing Campaigns with the Comparison Tool

Marketers, meet the new comparison tool within campaigns. Discover how each campaign is performing as you compare them side by side. Use this tool to diagnose areas of opportunity and growth looking forward.


The comparison tool is now available to Marketing Hub Professional customers.

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Associate Forms with Marketing Campaigns

You can now associate forms with your marketing campaigns in HubSpot. By a wide margin, forms are one of the most critical assets in any marketing campaign. They are the moment when someone goes from being unknown to a lead, or from once uninterested to now registered for your webinar. By associating forms to a campaign, you can give credit where it's due, and measure the success of this critical asset. 


The ability to associate forms with marketing campaigns is now available to Marketing Hub Professional customers.


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Service Hub

Add a Custom Meta Description to Your Knowledge Base Articles

You can now add a custom meta description to your knowledge base articles so that you can better customize how your search results appear on search engines. Organize your articles into categories and subcategories, as well as tag them with relevant search terms and visibility to target the right audience every time.

The ability to add a custom meta description to your knowledge base articles is now available to Service Hub Pro+ customers.


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Reminder Email for NPS Surveys

It’s no secret around here: understanding customer loyalty beyond the surface maximizes your business growth. A Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a great way to measure that loyalty. It can be difficult, though, to collect enough data, like customer survey responses, to calculate an accurate NPS score. Now you can easily send automatic reminder emails for your NPS surveys to increase survey engagement and attain more reliable scores.


Reminder emails for NPS surveys are now available to Service Hub Pro customers.


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Don’t you just love Spring? We hope you love our April updates as much as this exciting season. Let us know which ones are your favorites. Happy Spring!