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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Syncing for LinkedIn Lead Gen Custom Checkboxes

In the era of new data privacy and protection laws and increasing demands from customers regarding how their data is being used, it’s important for marketers to be transparent with their prospects and obtain permission to use contacts’ data for marketing, sales, and other purposes.

This week, LinkedIn released changes to how consent and permissions are handled on LinkedIn lead gen forms. Advertisers now have the option to create custom checkboxes, which can be required for submission or not.

To keep up with this change, HubSpot will now sync these custom checkbox fields in the same way all custom questions are synced: as a custom contact property. This mirrors how HubSpot syncs similar custom consent fields from Facebook lead ads.

Ensuring this custom text is recorded alongside contact information in the HubSpot CRM helps marketers ensure, regardless of which channels their leads are coming from, they are able to track and respect the notice and consent they’ve received from their contacts.

When creating new lead gen campaigns in LinkedIn, advertisers will be prompted to create custom checkboxes:


Note: advertisers will not be able to add these checkboxes to ads created before March 4. Those ads will continue to contain the default text “We will send the following information to [advertiser name], subject to their privacy policy” but will not include a checkbox.

Leads that are synced to HubSpot, who have submitted forms and checked one or more custom checkbox, will have those fields synced to the ‘Lead Ad Properties’ section of their contact properties. If the box has been checked, the value of the property will be ‘Yes’. Lead gen form submissions that appear on the contact timeline will also include the affirmatively checked consent checkboxes.


HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional & Enterprise customers can use workflows to map these custom contact properties to the contact’s HubSpot subscription preferences, should they wish to do so.

This is now live to all Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise customers.