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by: HubSpot Alumni
HubSpot Alumni

Sync Tasks to Google and Office 365 Calendars

What is it?

The ability to sync HubSpot tasks to Google and Office 365 calendars.


Why does it matter?

Many sellers leverage their Google or Office 365 calendar to organize their day. HubSpot tasks represent the sales activities that salespeople need to accomplish throughout the course of the day, but to date, those tasks have not been represented on a seller's external calendar. This has made it difficult to plan work.


With this functionality, we are excited to deliver one of the top feature requests on the Ideas Forum.


How does it work?

Sales and Service Starter (or higher) customers can now sync HubSpot tasks to their Google or Office 365 calendar via HubSpot's calendar sync integration. Customers must connect their HubSpot account to Google or O365 calendar to take advantage of task sync. Integrated customers can specify a calendar for HubSpot tasks to display.


Click here to watch a quick demo of how it works!


A few notes on the integration:

  • Currently, the integration is one-way, meaning that updates to tasks in HubSpot will update on the external calendar, but updates to tasks on external calendars will not yet update in HubSpot (we're considering support for two-way sync in the future)
  • Tasks displayed on the calendar will default to 15-minute increments (these time increments cannot be customized yet)
  • Tasks will display as normal calendar events on the calendar specified during the task sync configuration. Tasks cannot be synced to a user's primary calendar at this time.