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by: HubSpot Moderator
HubSpot Moderator

Support forms are now available in the Conversations Inbox

Support forms are now available as a new channel in the conversations inbox for all new customers. 

: Today, this is live for all new portals, we’ll be migrating existing customers to this new support form experience over the coming months. 

With support forms in the inbox you can now create multiple support forms and respond to form submissions right from Conversations.

Now, with forms in the Inbox, you’re one step closer to having all customer conversations in one place. When a customer request comes in via a support form on your website, you can now create and assign conversations and tickets in the same way you can connect and respond to email as a channel in the Inbox. 

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How it works:

You can find this new functionality as a view in your conversations inbox: 

Choose the "Forms" option in the left sidebar of your inbox.

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Click “Connect form” and then choose whether you’d like to connect an existing form or create a new form. To create a new form, simply click “create a new form.”  


Then, you can edit or adjust your form accordingly. Once you’re done, hit “update form,” and you'll start receiving submissions in your Inbox. Simple as that!


Who gets it: 

This is now live to all new portals. We’ll be migrating existing customers using the support form within the next month, in addition to supporting non-support forms. 

What languages is this available in: 

All languages supported by HubSpot.