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[Sunset] Adding non-user emails to form submissions email notification

What is it?

We are sunsetting the ability to add non-user email addresses to the Form submissions email notification recipient list.


Why does it matter?

Currently, you can add Teams, Users, Contact owners and also any email address that are not portal users to the Form submissions notifications recipient list from under the Forms Editor and CMS Editor as shown below.




  • This could lead to accidental personal data breach as someone could mistype an email and leak data to an unauthorized party
  • A customer could have an employee leave, and forget to clean up their email address from the recipient list, especially if it is a personal email address, resulting in the ex-employee continuing to receive the form submissions notifications.

What is the suggested work around?

  • Remove the non-user email address from the form submissions notifications section.
  • Add these non-user email addresses as free users to the respective HubSpot Portal 
  • Admin users can add up to 2500 users in a portal, irrespective of the subscription tier
  • Refer to this KB article on how to add users to a portal in bulk