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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Social Metrics to be Removed from Competitors Report on August 23rd

Update: The four social metrics have now been removed from the Competitors report, effective 8/23/2017.

When it comes to reporting features in HubSpot, we’re on a constant mission to help our customers make better business decisions using data. Sometimes, that means creating new tools — in the past few months, you’ve seen a brand new web analytics dashboard, dozens of new pre-baked reports, improved filtering, and more. Other times, it means making the difficult choice to remove features that provide less value to our customers than we’d hoped.

With that in mind, on August 23rd, these four metrics will be removed from the Competitors report:

  • Facebook fans
  • Has FB page
  • Twitter followers
  • Has Twitter

This decision wasn't taken lightly, and was made for a few reasons. Over the years, you've given us great feedback on those metrics, and reviews have been mixed on their utility. While some may appreciate the intention of the metrics, they lack actionable takeaways and next steps for marketers. To help guide your social strategy, you’ve always leaned into your own past successes, which live in the ever-improving social reporting tools in your portal.

Two additional facts that factor into a decision like this.

First, in full transparency, over the years, it’s become increasingly difficult to provide data of the level of quality that you deserve, within those specific metrics. If you’ve been following them closely, you’ve noticed that they’ve been spotty at best over the last few months.

Second, only a small fraction of our customer base uses these metrics regularly. While that doesn’t take away from the fact that a small group of our customers finds value in the tool, it gives you some perspective on what goes into a decision like this. When faced with prioritizing features across a platform, we lean on this type of data to ensure that the decisions we make align with the tools that you, our customers, use and value most.

Note that, as a part of the change, you won’t be able to manually add social profile URLs to Marketing Grader reports moving forward.

The changes will go into effect on August 23rd.