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by: HubSpot Moderator
HubSpot Moderator

Smart Sections for Pages

Sections that contain modules with smart content can now be saved and reused, right from within the page editor.


Users creating pages often want to use smart content, but don’t feel they have the time when they’re just trying to get a page published. What’s more, once they find a smart content rule that works for certain bits of their content, they want to stick with it, but they have to recreate those smart rules each time they use that content on a new page.


Now, users can save their sections and save the smart rules applied to modules in those sections, saving our users time and ensuring that they get their smart rules applied quickly and easily.


Here's how it works.

In the page editor, click to save a section in the section toolbar.


save section


If there are smart rules applied to any of the modules inside that section, those smart rules will be saved as well, so that when the section is added to a page again, those smart rules will also be applied. In the saved sections panel, that section will be labeled as “smart”.


smart section panel label