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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Simplify Your Automation by Consolidating Your Workflow Branches

If/then branching in workflows makes it possible to create incredibly powerful automation in HubSpot. But power can breed complexity.

Previously, if/then branching conditions had to be created one at a time, making branched workflows complicated to create, navigate, and understand. Even worse, unnecessary extra branches made it far too easy to breach the 20-branch limit per workflow.

With today's update, you can add multiple conditions to a single if/then step, so your workflow can take more than two paths from a single if/then action. That saves time, headache, and hassle in creating workflows. Powerful automation, made easy.

Workflow Branch

Not sure what this change actually means? One quick use case made more efficient by this change: sales owner/territory assignment. Instead of creating a unique step for every territory, create a single if/then branch with multiple territory assignments stemming from it. Take a look at the attached screenshot to visualize this use case.

Here's how it works:

Within a workflow, create an if/then branch action. Give the branch a name, and create the if/then conditions. Then click "Create another branch." Rinse, wash, and repeat until you've created all the conditions you need. Then name the "otherwise, go to" branch as the fallback.

Want to try out the new branching feature? Head to your workflows now.