Sidekick is now HubSpot Sales!

by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Three years ago, HubSpot started an experiment that we called Sidekick. It's grown in a big way, and we've decided to bring Sidekick home to the HubSpot brand. As of today, Sidekick will be known as HubSpot SalesYou can read more of the back story behind the change here on HubSpot's Company News Blog.

The Two Flavors of HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales is the new product that is replacing Sidekick & Sidekick for Business. Like Sidekick, HubSpot Sales comes in two versions - a free version, and a $50 option. You can see a full rundown of the two versions on our sales pricing page.

HubSpot Sales Free aims to give sales folks everything they need to start adopting an inbound sales process. If you are familiar with Sidekick, you'll find all the same email productivity features in the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension - Email Open & Click Tracking, Email Scheduling, Contact Profiles, and more. We've also added some free tastes of the best features of HubSpot Sales Professional to the mix.

HubSpot Sales Professional gives you full access to tools that supercharge every stage of your sales process. Email Templates, Documents, Calling, Meetings, and Prospects are just some of the useful tools that make up HubSpot Sales Professional.

What this means for you

For most teams, the name change won't mean any difference in how they work with HubSpot's sales tools. You still have access to the same set of tools you always have, and you can still access them in the same way.

For Sidekick users who primarily use our Chrome extension, but haven't had access to our other tools in the past, there is good news - we'll be reaching out with instructions on how to get access to the rest of the tools that make up the free version of HubSpot Sales (tools like Email Templates, and Documents.)

It's all about helping you sell

At the end of the day, by bringing Sidekick under the HubSpot brand, we are re-affirming our commitment to building an awesome set of tools that help you adopt a sales process that is better for you, and better for your customers.

Haven't tried HubSpot Sales yet? You can get started for free, see a rundown of the tools, or talk to our team if you are interested in learning more about HubSpot Sales Professional.