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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Set-up & Manage Your Custom SSL Certificate Directly In-App

HubSpot has always offered custom SSL to our customers who wanted more customization around how they secured their landing pages -- but it hasn't always been the easiest experience. Previously, if you wanted to purchase HubSpot's Custom SSL Add-On you would need to work with our Sales team to make the purchase and then spend some time going back and forth with our support team to generate your .csr and later upload your certificate to our platform. This took time and prevented you from getting your HubSpot content up and running quickly.

Today, we've removed this hassle by letting you buy, configure, and manage your Custom SSL certificates directly in-app. You can either purchase HubSpot's Custom SSL add-on, or manage your existing custom SSL configurations and certificate renewals in-app.

To access this feature, navigate to Settings > Domains & URLs > Custom SSL. If the you don't have the custom add-on today, you'll have the option to buy it right then and there. If you've already purchased the add-on, you will be able to follow the steps for CSR generation and CRT file uploads post-purchase right in-app.

custom ssl

This update is now available for all CMS Hub, Marketing Hub, and Service Hub customers.