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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Set Properties for Moving Between Deal Stages

As a sales leader, you need consistent data at every point in your sales process. The more consistent your data, the more predictable your outcomes, and the better you’ll be able to forecast your month, qualify your deals, and coach your reps. But in order to have consistent data, your team needs to have a consistent process.

With that goal in mind, with today’s update, you can ensure that all your reps are collecting the same information as they move deals through the pipeline. And, for those datapoints that are absolutely critical, you can require those properties to be completed before a deal jumps stages.

How it works

Navigate to Settings > Deals, and you’ll see a flashy new message pointing you in the right direction:

Click “Add Properties” under the new “Update Stage Properties” column, for the stage you’d like to set required properties for. When you do, you’ll come to this: 

Check off the properties you’d like reps to see when they move deals into that stage on the left-hand side. If you’d like some of those properties to be required, simply select the “Required” column on the right. Once, you’re done, save the changes.

Next time a rep is moving a deal to that stage, they’ll see a quick modal asking them to fill out the properties you set up:

 A few technical notes:

  • The stage change properties aren’t cumulative. In other words, if a deal skips from stage 1 to stage 3, you won’t be required to complete the properties for stage 2.

  • If a property is already filled in, the value will prepopulate in the modal above. No need to give properties a new value every time.

  • Only users with access to settings (e.g. admins) will be able to update these settings.


Deal stage update properties are now live in all HubSpot CRM portals.