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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Sending to Manually-Added Aliases Will be Removed from HubSpot CRM on February 25

When you send an email from a CRM record in HubSpot, your picklist of “from” addresses pulls from two places: the accounts you’ve connected to HubSpot (and their verified aliases), and a list of aliases you manually added via the “Profile and Preferences” page in Settings.

Starting on February 25, all emails must be sent from connected accounts and their verified aliases; you'll no longer be able to send to manually-added aliases from within your CRM.

This decision wasn't taken lightly, and was made for a few reasons: 
  • The ability to send email from manually added, unverified email accounts represents a security risk. While we have strong trust in our users, you can imagine how this feature could be used for harm. A single bad actor would impact every HubSpot account negatively.
  • Usage of the feature has been very low. The vast majority of HubSpot users send email from connected accounts. While that doesn't take away from the fact that a small group of users finds value in the feature, it gives you some perspective. We do our best to prioritize the features our users value most. 
  • In full transparency, the feature to send from manually added aliases has been inconsistent for some time. Due to its very low usage, we've chosen to invest resources in features that bring more value to more of our users.

Moving forward, if you’d like to add a verified email alias to HubSpot, either connect that Gmail account directly, or add the alias to your Gmail account, and connect your Gmail account to HubSpot; any aliases you have set up for that account will be added to HubSpot automatically.