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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Send & Deliver Email in Your Recipients Timezone

Emails sent at odd hours are often ignored, or worse, sent right to the trash. As inbound marketers we all want to deliver a good experience, and also want to get the best performance out of our email. So shouldn't those emails arrive in everyone's inbox based on their timezone?

Today we're happy to introduce Smart Send, a feature included with HubSpot Professional & Enterprise, that delivers email at the same time, across different timezones. Smart Send helps you increase engagement and brand perception all in one-click.

Smart-Send-Email-1.pngHow does it work?

  1. Create your email within HubSpot and select a list of recipients and then go to the "Send or Schedule" tab and choose Smart Send. You will automatically see how many of the recipients are in a different timezone.
  2. Choose a time to send your email. For example, let's say you want to deliver your email at 9am for recipients in 5 different timezones.
    • Smart send will automatically organize all contacts in the recipient list into "buckets" based on their timezone.
    • Then your email will be queued to be delivered at 9am in each of the 5 timezones.
  3. Click Schedule.

After your email is sent, a new tab named 'Smart Sending' appears in performance for your email where you can see an exact break-down of how recipients interacted with your email based on the timezones they are in.


Try it out today and see the impact Smart Send can have on your email engagement.