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by: HubSpot Moderator
HubSpot Moderator

See Which Authors Are Driving Conversions

Have you ever wondered which authors on your blog are driving the most conversions, and creating new contacts? If so,  we're happy to introduce an updated 'Analyze' tab of the blog, which includes the ability to see which of your authors are driving new contacts. Let's dive-in to the updates.

  1. Blog Detail Pages - When clicking to see how an individual post has performed, you'll notice the detail page has been updated to show more information about performance over time. Graphs have been updated on this page so differentiate traffic sources from one another.

  2. Author Analytics - From the 'Analyze' tab of the Blog dashboard, scroll down to the Top Posts by Conversions report. After clicking-in to that report you will be able to switch the filter to Authors and see which authors are primarily driving conversions from blog posts, and even which posts specifically have driven the most new contacts.

For more information about these updates take a look at the articles, how to analyze your blog post performance, or, get a quick tour of the Blog tool.