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by: HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Say Hello to Expanded APAC & EMEA Calling

calling-smDialing a desk phone is so 2014. Writing up notes on a call and logging it in your CRM is so… well… it sounds even more archaic. That’s why so many folks love Calling (a premium feature available as part of Sidekick for Business.) And now, Calling is available to our friends in many Asia/Pacific and all European countries.

When you place calls from HubSpot CRM, dialing up a prospect is as easy as clicking a single button from their contact record. Type up notes, even optionally record the call. At the end, everything is logged right to the CRM timeline. You can even tee up an entire days' worth of calls by checking off contacts you want to reach out to from any table view of contacts in the CRM. Add them to your call queue, and work through them one after the other.

Calling was previously limited to our users in North America, but we've been working hard to expand support to more and more countries. Today, we're adding support for many nations in the Asia/Pacific region and all nations in Europe. Visit calling in HubSpot CRM by opening any contact record and clicking the "Call" tab to get started.