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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Reply to Emails from Timelines in HubSpot

Sales is all about efficiency. The more time you spend switching between systems, the less time you have to build helpful relationships with your prospects and customers.

Previously in HubSpot, email replies were logged in your CRM. But if you wanted to actually respond to those replies --- let’s face it, how many email chains are only two emails long? --- you were forced to leave your CRM, open up your inbox, track down that email, open it, type your reply, log your reply from there, and then return to your CRM to continue your day. Too many steps.

With today’s change, you can reply to those emails without leaving your CRM --- right from the comfort of your contact, company, and deal timelines.


How it works

Navigate to any contact, company, or deal record. Find an email you received within the timeline.

Click “Reply,” fill in the contents of the email, and click send.


Yep. Simple as that.

Note: In order to be able to reply to emails within the timeline, you need a connected inbox.

Replying to emails from timelines is now live to all HubSpot CRM users.