Removing Three Reports from the Reports Library on July 10

by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

On July 10, 2019, three reports will be removed from the report library: Social Clicks, Social Clicks by Channel, and Sequences Replies by Step. Where those reports appear on your dashboards, you'll see a message pointing you to either the Social Reports tool or Sales Content Analytics, where you can find similar data moving forward.

To further clarify, these three reports can be found by clicking "Add Report" from any of your HubSpot dashboards. Nothing under the "Social" or "Sequences" items in your navigation will be impacted.

Social Reports

In the last few months, the social reports embedded in the social media tool have been vastly improved: you can now see analytics on every social post, regardless of when and where they were posted. That means you can report on social activity from before you signed up with HubSpot, and on social posts published natively on networks.

Moving forward, we’ll work to pull more of that new and improved social data into your dashboards. In the meantime, we’re removing two existing reports whose data has become outdated --- Social Clicks and Social Clicks by Channel --- from the reports library, and from your dashboards.


In full transparency, usage of the Sequences report on dashboards is low, and your feedback has been mixed; more detailed data is available in Sales Content Analytics (under Reports > Analytics Tools). In addition, the Sequences report is built on a legacy data system that doesn’t support future feature development. Moving forward, we’ll find new ways to bring Sequences data to your dashboards. In the meantime, these outdated and lightly-used reports will be removed.


These three reports will be removed on July 10. If you have one of them pinned to a dashboard, you'll see a message redirecting you to a similar dataset instead.