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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Refreshed WordPress Plugin and WP Engine Partnership

The HubSpot for WordPress plugin now works with WP Engine's StudioPress pro themes to streamline the process of creating and setting up lead capture tools on your website.
Previously as a WP Engine customer, when you set up your website on one of their premium StudioPress themes and got the HubSpot WordPress plugin, you had to figure out how to manually create the forms, popup forms, and live chat.

Now, when you install the HubSpot plugin with a StudioPress theme activated on your site, the plugin will automatically create these assets for you and apply the popup and live chat modules to your site. This helps you get set up on HubSpot’s tools immediately and gives you the flexibility to edit those assets as needed -- all in a one-window, seamless experience.


Here’s a quick rundown of the value WP Engine and HubSpot users will get from the plugin and this new partnership:

  • HubSpot’s tools are intuitive and quick to set up so WP Engine customers can collect email subscribers, generate leads on their website, and have real-time conversations with your website visitors
  • All the features of the plugin are built on top of the free, fully-integrated HubSpot CRM where customers can manage all your email contacts
  • Customers only need to use one plugin instead of five different plugins so you spend less time managing tools and more time building meaningful relationships
  • Fewer plugins also reduces security vulnerabilities and the likelihood of plugins conflicting with each other
  • Combined with using WP Engine as your hosting service, customers can feel comfortable knowing that your website is secure from the numerous WordPress hacks

Getting started is easy. When you get a StudioPress Pro theme followed by the HubSpot plugin -- then connects your WordPress account -- you’ll be asked if you want to automatically apply the HubSpot assets (popups and live chat) on your website. If you say yes, you’ll see these assets on your website and have the option to customize these assets to your liking.

If you already have a StudioPress Pro theme, you simply need to get the HubSpot plugin. To get the HubSpot plugin on your WordPress site:

  • Log into your WordPress site
  • Navigate to the plugins section and search for HubSpot in the plugin directory
  • Find the plugin named HubSpot All-In-One Marketing
  • Click install
  • Click activate
  • Go through the setup flow to connect your HubSpot account

Who gets it?

This feature is available for all WP Engine users who use a StudioPress Pro theme then install the latest version of the HubSpot plugin and is available in all languages supported by HubSpot.

To learn more about HubSpot’s partnership with WP Engine, check out this press release and this Medium post.