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by: HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Put Theory Into Practice with Dynamic Exercises in HubSpot Certifications

At HubSpot we aim to help bridge the gap between learning, and doing. That’s why we’ve recently added practical exercises into our certification content to help our community put the theory into practice. These exercises are placed after educational content that describes the why and how of a topic, and they introduce the what in a few easy steps.

The actual tasks are performed in HubSpot’s tools and look similar to this:

Certification-Screen-Practical-Exercise-1.pngOnce you've completed the work within HubSpot's tools, it will dynamically update within the practical exercise to show your progress.


These practical exercises are essential for ensuring that you, and your entire team have the proficiency and comfort level to achieve anything with your sales and marketing using HubSpot. Although these exercises are optional, once they are complete, you are one step closer to passing the certification and getting your grade.

Practical exercises are now a part of all HubSpot's Sales Software certification and will be coming to additional certifications soon.