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Playbooks and call transcription & coaching now available in Sales & Service Professional


Call Transcription & Coaching and a simplified version of Playbooks are now available to all existing and future Sales & Service Hub Professional customers.


Previously, Call Transcription & Coaching (part of Conversation Intelligence) and Playbooks were only available to Sales & Service Hub Enterprise customers. Now, existing and new Sales Hub & Service Hub Professional customers will have access to these two new features!


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How does it work?

Call Transcription & Coaching and Playbooks are different in the features they contain and the capacity they include in Professional vs. Enterprise:

  • Playbooks in Professional allows customers to create up to 5 playbooks (vs. 5,000 in Enterprise), and does not include the ability to add embedded properties.
  • Call Transcription & Coaching in Professional allows for 750hrs/mo of transcription (vs. 1,500 in Enterprise), and does not include tracked terms (the ability to track and report on mentions of specific keywords.)
  • Recordings made by users with an assigned Sales or Service Hub Professional seat will be transcribed.

To start using Playbooks, simply click “Playbooks” in the navigation. 


Getting started with transcription is easy, and starts with capturing recorded calls in HubSpot.

  • Use HubSpot calling? Navigate to Settings > Calling and check “Allow Call Recording.”
  • If you use a third party for calling like Zoom or another supported provider, install the integration, follow individual steps to add recordings to HubSpot.

Next, turn on transcription (you’ll need to be an admin of your HubSpot portal.) Go to Settings > Calling > Transcription and Analysis and turn on Transcription and Analysis. Once transcription is turned on HubSpot will transcribe the last 7 days of recordings if they are present. You will be notified when the recordings are transcribed.


Users can click into Contacts > Calls > filter by Transcript Available is True and click into any call to review and search the transcript.


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